Company profile of T-Systems International GmbH, one of the leading ICT specialists headquartered in Frankfurt/Main
Management team

T-Systems Belgium management team

Daniela Theisinger – Managing Director
Managing Director

Daniela Theisinger

Daniela Theisinger is the Managing Director of T-Systems Belgium, and has led the Belgian team since 2014.
Daniela joined T-Systems in 2008 as General Counsel of the Belgian office in Brussels. She was the Lead Lawyer for ICT deals with the EU institutions, NATO and multinational companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. Prior to that, she served as an associate and partner at Kocks & Partners law firm in Brussels, providing legal advice to international clients and handling litigation cases. Daniela is passionate about developing new formats of collaboration, innovation and empowerment for her team at T-Systems Belgium.
Daniela is a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in European Law. She was made an Honorary Lawyer at the Brussels Bar in 2013, and speaks all three official languages of Belgium fluently.
Claudia Schopf – Vice President, FC Public Sector & Healthcare
Vice President Finance and Controlling, Public Sector & Healthcare

Claudia Schopf

Claudia Schopf has been the Vice President Finance and Controlling in the Public Sector & Healthcare division of T-Systems International since 2007. She became the Financial Director of T-Systems Belgium in 2015.
Upon earning her master’s degree in Business Administration from the Technische Universität Berlin, Claudia served as a scientific staff member at her alma mater from 1990 to 1997. After her promotion to Doctor of Engineering in 1997, she was in a number of Finance, Controlling and Accounting functions at IT service provider gedas, before it was acquired by T-Systems in 2007.
Claudia came to general management when she spent two years in Mexico as the Chief Financial Officer for the local gedas office.

Mirka Irena Dworschak – Head of Sales Public International

Head of Sales Public International

Mirka Irena Dworschak

Mirka Dworschak is the Head of Sales Public International and Tolling of T-Systems International GmbH, and Chief Executive Officer of Toll4Europe GmbH.
Mirka started her professional career in 1999 as a presales consultant with Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary T-Data. In 2001 she joined T-Systems International GmbH and was responsible for a major account in the insurance sector. As of 2005 she headed the corporate office of Toll Collect GbR and was responsible for the strategy and business development of the tolling business within Deutsche Telekom AG. Mirka Dworschak has an extensive sales and business development background, and a wealth of experience with the German and Belgian truck tolling systems.
Since 2007 she has been in charge of national and international tolling-related sales and business development as Head of Sales of the Satellic Telematic Services division. In 2014, Mirka also took on the responsibility of the international sales division, which serves public sector clients like the EU and Defence clients.
Mirka studied at the University of Bamberg and graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Stefanie De Smedt – Head of Service Management

Head of Service Management

Stefanie De Smedt

Stefanie De Smedt is Head of Service Management of T-Systems Belgium.
Stefanie joined T-Systems in 2001 as Support to the Global Network Factory with the aim of setting up the International Telecom Business. In 2006, she started the Service Management for Belgian and international Telecom clients. Stefanie became Head of Telecommunication for Belgium in 2011, a function which was soon expanded to also include The Netherlands and Luxembourg.
At the end of 2013, she returned to Service Management as Service Lead on an international EU account.
As Head of the Service Management and Delivery team for Belgium, Stefanie benefits from her long-term engagement within T-Systems and her extensive experience to successfully engage with both our private and public sector clients.

Alexander Sandberg van Boelens

Solutions Sales Manager


Jim Vanderkerken is the Solution Sales Manager of T-Systems Belgium.