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May 15, 2018 Data transmission by light via polymer fibers and optical wireless LAN offers the automobile industry new opportunities. Find out more
Apr 10, 2017 Shopping solutions for the home are fully on trend in an aging society. What can the Internet of Things (IoT) offer in this respect? Find out more
Mar 27, 2017 It all started with a fiber optic network and public hotspots. Now, Monheim am Rhein has intelligent street lamps – and its citizens will soon be able to park smartly there. Find out more
Feb 6, 2017 Up until now, a lack of IoT standards has been an obstacle for many companies seeking to digitize. Platform-independent protocols could solve this problem. Find out more
Jan 23, 2017 According to the IT security expert Bruce Schneier, the consequences of unrestricted connectivity in the Internet of Things could be devastating. In the interview, he calls for greater security ... Find out more
Jan 16, 2017 Wearable technology is changing healthcare. How are doctors, hospitals and users responding to this trend? Find out more
Jan 5, 2017 Low energy consumption, low costs: How Narrowband IoT can give the Internet of Things a boost. Find out more
Nov 24, 2016 Connected cars will soon be as much a part of everyday life as smartphones. However, drivers still view this development with caution. Find out more
Oct 19, 2016 Digitization is bringing fundamental changes to the agricultural and food industries, according to market analysts from PwC. Find out more