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Does IT get your heart pumping? The same with us. That is why we are looking for people like you, and why we offer professional people all sorts of ways into the company and exciting prospects. Whether IT consultant, IT architect, IT project manager or software developer, we have the right job for IT enthusiasts. We have the right job for IT enthusiasts.
Chutney Stevens – Human Resources & Legal Services
Chutney Stevens

Human Resources & Legal Services

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Are you equally at home with IT and with people? Are you always up-to-the-minute with hardware and software, and have optimized your clients' companies with your IT strategies? Are you used to establishing guidelines on large IT projects, and do you remain clear-sighted even in stressful situations? Do you like to work with your team to develop unusual new ideas?
For experts like yourself, we offer all sorts of ways into the company. We can offer IT consultants, IT architects, IT project managers and software developers exciting prospects. Do you enjoy exploring new avenues? If so, come and join us.
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Implementing complex technical projects requires a planning and orientation framework that all participants can adhere to. As a software or network architect, this is your responsibility. Your customers require an adaptable solution for their IT landscape or telecommunications. To be able to develop this, you need experience in project management, database administration or network planning, and system architecture. Architecture methodology and Java or network technologies are right up your alley, and you are very familiar with all common developer tools. Equally important: consistent focus on the customer. After all, their needs must be reflected in all work processes.
As a consultant, you are an optimizer: You analyze your customers’ existing systems and develop optimization concepts. You formulate strategies, create feasibility studies and propose solution designs. As a competent consultant, you will continue to assist your customer until the project is completed, and keep in touch with all project participants. For this position, you must be up-to-date in terms of hardware and software knowledge, and have experience with cloud or LAN and WAN technologies (Microsoft, AWS, OpenStack, Google or routing, switching, network security or VoIP), for example.
As a project manager, you ensure the effective consolidation of everyone working on the project. You are in charge of project planning and are the most important point of contact. It is your job to keep in touch with programmers, designers, sales and the customer. Within the project, you define all objectives and work processes and keep track of the costs. As project manager, you are well versed in the automation of business processes using Microsoft and Oracle technologies as well as other project management tools. Not only are you well versed technically, you also have excellent people skills and are capable of handling both technology and people.
As a software developer, you speak the customer’s language and know a thing or two about the technology involved. As a programmer, you plan and develop software modules or complete applications. In doing so you reconcile the customer's wishes with what is technically and economically feasible. Computer scientists in software development build systems so that the individual components communicate with each other. As such, you are very familiar with database and web technologies as well as standard tools from the data warehouse/BI environment. You are also a talented communicator since good software can only be developed as part of a team.
We also offer opportunities for starting your career in purchasing, controlling and HR, as well as marketing and communication.
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With the Magenta Security portfolio Telekom Security offers security services to all customer segments of the Deutsche Telekom Group – Consumers, SMBs and Multinationals. Secure, easy and simple to use services – this is our claim. Become part of our startup-team!

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