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A good life is based on a lot more than a career

It is not always easy to maintain a balance between your private life and your work. We want time with our family, but time for our job too. We offer family-friendly bespoke working time models that give our staff flexibility.
Chutney Stevens – Human Resources & Legal Services
Chutney Stevens

Human Resources & Legal Services

Work Life Blend @ T-Systems

Balancing your professional and private life
Finding the right work-life balance is not always easy. We support our staff with modern work models which give you the scope you need to plan your own life and, at the same time, ensure that you are free to commit yourself fully to the company's success.
Our offer for you
We give our staff the chance to organize their working hours flexibly, to suit their needs, based on an annual working time model. Our working world is becoming more flexible and mobile. Communications technologies enable people to easily reply to e-mails while on the move, and to dial into virtual meetings while on business trips. Thanks to mobile working, our employees can sometimes do their work from home.
  • Flexitime: With flexitime, you decide when you work.
  • Part-time & guaranteed return There are periods when you need more time, either for yourself or your family. In your job you can go straight into part-time working or switch from full-time to part-time. Anyone working part-time can go back to their original weekly working hours whenever they wish.
Organize your job so that it fits around your life.
Tandem models give you twice the flexibility – in terms of organizing your working hours and responsibilities, and for your private life. We offer two tandem variants. With the part-time tandem you share your job's workload with a co-worker. With the knowledge transfer tandem, old and young learn from one another. Here, an older employee coaches a younger colleague so that their knowledge and valuable experience is not lost.
Lifelong flexitime accounts offer greater flexibility: executives can already pay some of their salary into a lifelong flexitime account. This enables you to finance some time out in the future, for example if a family member becomes ill:
  • 10 days unpaid release at short notice under the Care Leave Act (care leave at short notice)
  • Family care leave as part-time under the Care Leave Act
  • Unpaid leave
Of if you want to take some educational leave for a course of two to four years.
Reconciling family life and work – a challenge not just for individuals. Reconciling the various requirements is also a significant success factor for our company. We want to help you:
  • Daycare facilities: Good child care is vital if you are to combine work and family. At many locations we provide company child care plus care during the holidays, in collaboration with the AWO's parent service.
  • Emergency child care If the childminder is ill or the daycare center is closed, T-Systems' emergency child care jumps in. The AWO's parent service takes responsibility for the organization and T-Systems for the expense, up to three days per year.
  • Parent-child office: At a number of locations, T-Systems offers its staff the chance to bring their children with them into the office.
You can't always plan life. But you can plan temporary leave. This can give you a bit of space. Whether you need greater flexibility through using a lifelong flexitime account, or time to care for dependents. Whatever you decide, it does not mean a career interruption.
Any company aiming to be competitive requires a motivated, effective workforce. The health of our staff is crucial in guaranteeing our success. So we focus on prevention and offer medical check-ups. And if you ever suffer social hardship, we won't let you down.
Work & Life @ T-Systems
We support our staff with modern working models that give you the flexibility to plan your life.

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