Amazon Web Services.

Managed cloud services for AWS

Full service package for the Amazon Cloud

  • Scalable public cloud infrastructure with reliable network connection from T-Systems
  • Comprehensive AWS Managed Services, e.g. Managed Amazon S3
  • Support from strategy development, from onboarding to operation
  • Constant updates and continuing development of all services and features
  • More than 100 certified AWS experts
  • Full cost transparency

One platform, endless possibilities: AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the fast-innovating cloud market leader, provides maximum flexibility and speed with the comprehensive services of its AWS platform – especially when developing cloud native applications. AWS currently offers 140 services, thousands of features and over 5,000 applications. The vast variety as well as daily changes and updates not only provide for various usage possibilities, they also make the system complex and call for tremendous effort from an IT department. This is exactly where T-Systems' AWS experts come in.

Security and transparency for all AWS-related services

Using the framework of Managed Cloud Services for AWS, customers benefit from all the advantages of the AWS Public Cloud in combination with reliable network connections and the Telekom subsidiary’s outstanding security expertise. The offer begins with joint development of the right public cloud strategy including security analysis. In addition to operational support and numerous billing and network services, the team also offers support for central management of all public cloud services using the multi-cloud framework.

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Use cases

AWS competences & services

Cloud-first strategy:
  • Application of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • A method for evaluating architectures
  • Support with the selection of suitable tools
Cloud migration:
  • Workshops for cloud adoption
  • TCO
  • Migration readiness
  • Application/infrastructure
  • Migration service
Security (SOC):
  • Security analyses
  • Solution recommendations (EU GDPR compliance audit, privacy and security assessment and cloud data privacy workshop)
  • DevOps – culture and practice
  • Infrastructure-as-code consulting
  • Development of CI/CD pipelines
  • Automation
Optimization of:
  • Workloads
  • Operation
  • Expenses
Cloud billing management:
  • Standardized and individual reporting on costs and consumption
  • Display of IT expenses per account
  • Project
  • Cost center
  • Budget monitoring with alarm function
Optimization and planning:
  • Analytics tools (usage, dimensioning)
  • Resource planning and recommendations
Governance and accountability:
  • Tagging
  • Enforcement and compliance report
  • Virtual tagging on top of AWS tags and resources
Service desk (1st level):
  • First customer contact in the event of a fault
  • SLA management
  • Incident management
  • Change request processing
DevOps support (2nd level):
  • Incident solution
  • Optimization of operational stability through automation
  • Cooperation with the AWS Support Center
Security operation:
  • Monitoring/alarm
  • Threat mgmt.
  • Compliance monitoring
Service management:
  • Customer contact for contractual and procedural issues
  • Contract management
  • Escalation management
Security – identity & access management:
  • User
  • Roles
  • Groups
  • Policies
  • Keys
  • PW rules
  • Key management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Programmatic access
Storage – Managed Amazon S3:
  • Data classification
  • Object labelling
  • Encryption control (tagging)
Infrastructure management:
  • VM
  • OS
  • Database/MW
  • Patching/backup management
Platform health/logging/monitoring:
  • Resource monitoring with AWS CloudWatch
  • Operational notification
  • Governance monitoring
  • Compliance
  • Operation and risks with AWS CloudTrail
  • Infrastructure-as-a-code (AWS CloudFormation)
  • Managed AWS cloud networking including Direct Connect to AWS
  • Specialized connection to the AWS Cloud in addition to internet access
  • Connection between AWS and local sites robust, private, cost-effective and reliable
  • End-to-end managed networks, both from the cloud and in combination with traditional Telekom network products
  • IP connectivity Cloud2Earth (base/core product) or offered as an advanced product package
  • Optional network consulting for AWS Cloud
“Customers love the idea of AWS and T-Systems together. We have embedded our security DNA as well as our IT systems into the AWS platform, and our T-Systems experts are working closely with our clients to help them with their journey to AWS.”
Rodriguez Vitini, Director of Solution Architecture & Engineering


AWS Partner Success Story

Watch T-Systems explain how the company has chosen AWS as its strategic partner to deliver end-to-end solutions to its customers. Learn more about the advantages T-Systems sees in AWS cloud services providing customers with innovative and reliable technology, speed & agility, and gain insights into the way T-Systems is applying AWS best practices to deliver next generation services to its customers.

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Over 100 certified AWS experts

As an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, T-Systems provides over 100 certified experts who provide strategic consulting and take care of the topicality and further development of the booked features as well as full (cost) transparency. Our cooperation begins with the selection of suitable services and tools from the AWS universe.

Consulting from the cloud pioneer

The AWS platform offers numerous components, each covering different requirements and use cases. For example, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) web service provides scalable computing capacity, while the Simple Storage Service S3 provides developers with object storage for a wide variety of applications such as mobile apps, websites or IoT devices. On the other hand, the Redshift data warehouse provides the basis for fast and intelligent big data analyses. In an initial strategy workshop, the required functionalities are worked out and, if necessary, supplemented with in-depth workshops, for example, on the topics DevSecOps, cloud migration or security. This results in an individualized architecture for the customer – naturally based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Direct line to the AWS Cloud

Once the strategy is in place, T-Systems provides a dedicated connection to the AWS Cloud as an AWS Direct Connect Partner and offers end-to-end managed networks – either purely virtualized or in combination with traditional Telekom network products. At the same time, companies receive support in setting up, operating and managing the entire infrastructure, from onboarding, key, identity & access management and data classification to monitoring and incident management. The team of experts ensures that all security and compliance requirements are met, provides a direct contact in the event of a malfunction and handles all coordination with the AWS Support Center.

Optimize costs and usage

Once you have taken the step towards the cloud and stable operations have been ensured, the next step is to optimally manage the use of resources. In addition to monitoring all resources via AWS CloudWatch, T-Systems also keeps an eye on billing and provides regular reports on costs and consumption. Tracking and alarm functions make it immediately apparent when a budget is exceeded and provide recommendations for action. This allows companies to retain full control over all their investments while leveraging the full innovative power of AWS services for agile and rapid cloud development.

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