Hyper-converged infrastructure: A secure on-premise cloud delivered to the company’s own data center.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The on-premise cloud in a company’s own data center

  • The hyperconverged infrastructure offers all the necessary components in one solution
  • The on-premise cloud is fully preconfigured and can be used right away
  • The central user interface makes managing and using it simple for companies
  • The system is vendor-independent and can be integrated in an existing multi-cloud structure
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Cloud “out of the box”

Cloud computing enables companies from all industries and of all sizes to embark on digitization. Yet the cloud in the form of infrastructure-as-a-service is not the ideal solution for every enterprise.
Bandwidth may be a challenge for remote locations wishing to use a cloud, for example. If there are particularly complex structures with applications that have a strong interdependence, it is sometimes necessary to keep the IT as hardware-oriented as possible. Moreover, security is still a vital issue for many companies, especially when shared IT resources are used from the cloud. Stringent compliance policies or business-critical application scenarios prevent companies from handing their productive environment over to a service provider.
There’s a solution for all these requirements: hyperconverged infrastructure – the on-premise cloud. It offers all the components needed for a stable server with a secure cloud and a central user interface for simple self-management. The infrastructure is physically located at the company, from where it delivers a secure and scalable cloud for all digitization requirements.

How can my company benefit from Hyperconverged infrastructure?

  • Reduction of up to 35 percent in the costs for power and cooling
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduction in TCO
  • Up to five times better use of rack space
  • Efficient use of storage space (deduplication and compression)
  • All-flash or hybrid model
  • Replication and cloning
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Up to four times faster installation
  • Up to five times faster accomplishment of projects

Partner in technology

Technical specifications

  • Integrated technology
    • Server, storage and network components
    • In one box from one vendor
    • Full virtualization
    • Call Home: proactive 24x7 support with a guaranteed response within four hours
  • Integrated functionality
    • Software-defined storage
    • Software-defined networking
    • Deduplication
    • Solid State Drive (SSD)
    • Replication
    • Clustering
    • High availability
    • Cloning
    • 10GbE
    • Automatic failover
    • Disaster recovery

On-premise cloud for maximum flexibility and security

As a vendor-independent service provider, T-Systems advises interested companies on hyperconverged systems from various vendors and finds the best solution together with the customer. All requirements and wishes are discussed in an expert talk and the results are incorporated in preconfiguration of the system. After being commissioned, the hyperconverged infrastructure is delivered to the company within two weeks, where it can be put into operation right away, out of the box, by the company’s own IT experts.

High-performance cloud despite low bandwidth

The bandwidth in rural regions or at international locations is often not adequate for cloud solutions that are used by means of access over the Internet. Companies that nevertheless want to benefit from the advantages of the cloud – ranging from scalability, flexibility to computing power – ideally locate it right on their own premises. With a hyperconverged infrastructure, the cloud is situated directly in their own data center and its performance is not diminished by insufficient bandwidth.

Hardware-oriented infrastructure for special demands

Various production facilities require hardware-oriented structures so that the interdependent applications work smoothly. In such a use case, the hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the cloud directly on site. It can thus be ideally integrated in the existing system and also play to its strengths perfectly in environments with special demands.

Backup and disaster recovery scenarios addressed

A hyperconverged infrastructure from T-Systems can be excellently combined with tried-and tested cloud offerings, such as DSI vCloud, based on VMware virtualization. Seamless integration of the on-premise cloud environment with DSI vCloud is possible in order to cater for backup or disaster recovery scenarios, for example.

Maximum security in the multi-cloud

Security aspects are still a reason holding back some companies interested in using a cloud. An added factor is in particular compliance requirements, depending on the industry or intended use. The responsible managers ideally use the hyperconverged infrastructure to nevertheless be able to leverage the technological advantages of cloud computing or pursue technical aspects, such as a multi-cloud strategy. A private cloud hosted on premise means particularly critical application scenarios can be addressed ideally.

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