Agile IT resources directly from the cloud with Dynamic IT from T-Systems.

Dynamic IT: Mix and match

IT resources – Standardized, reliable and scalable

  • Demand-driven combination of different IT resources from infrastructure to applications with global availability
  • Standardized services also beyond the infrastructure
  • The best infrastructure mix from the secure multi-cloud
  • Measurable operating quality across all cloud elements thanks to Zero Outage
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

The best mix for your business

Digitization has resulted in the emergence of hybrid IT environments in most companies, in which the applications are located in classic IT systems and different cloud platforms. This is the perfect scenario for Dynamic IT. That's because Dynamic IT offers flexible and dynamically scalable IT resources for supporting classic and cloud-based IT: with standardized, pre-configured databases, appropriate middleware and business applications that are available at short notice.
​​​​​​​ Sourcing dynamic IT resources means being able to migrate to the cloud in a future-proof and demand-driven manner from the individual standard service to the holistic solution with state-of-the-art product features and proven transformation paths. This is in addition to certified Zero Outage quality in accordance with German data protection and data security legislation. Dynamic IT also encompasses migration projects, from the redesign of individual processes to the transformation of entire IT landscapes.
Companies therefore get precisely what they need to implement digital business processes quickly and easily: stable application operation across all platforms with guaranteed SLAs and managed services from the cloud as well as secure and attractively priced storage – all end-to-end and at a measurably high level of quality.
Managed Cloud Operating System
Buy now: The service for standardized and professional operation of virtual machines across diverse cloud environments.

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Managed Cloud Operating System

T-Systems offers customers a unified, standardized operating system management for virtual servers in various public and hybrid cloud environments.

Use Cases

Tobacco Company
Dynamic IT for Tobacco Company
Regional: Operating services in the local data center in a specific country
Digital Marketing Agency
Dynamic IT for Digital Marketing Agency
Burst capacity for the Czech Republic: Flexible IT resources for websites, apps and web applications
Beverage Company
Dynamic IT for Beverage Company
Burst capacity for the national companies: Greater flexibility for covering peak loads
Industrial Group
Dynamic IT for Industrial Group
Global data center consolidation at just five locations: Greater efficiency through standardization
Manufacturing Group
Dynamic IT for Manufacturing Group
Optimum SLAs: Operation of application landscape with best possible availability
Mineral Oil Group
Dynamic IT for Mineral Oil Group
Optimum SLAs: Transformation, standardization and maximum failsafe application operation
Railway Company
Dynamic IT for Railway Company
Maximum availability in the private cloud: Flexible cloud infrastructures, managed application operation
Technology Group
Dynamic IT for Technology Group
Security in the public cloud: Scalable backend for large numbers of users of the application eShop

Top Downloads

"In terms of local presence and neutral cloud consulting skills, T-Systems is surely unique on the market. Customers furthermore benefit from the optimum end-to-end approach in operation, which is supplied from a single source."
ISG/Experton; Digital Transformation Vendor Benchmark, 2016

How can my company benefit from Dynamic IT?

  • Hosting in highly secure, redundant data centers
  • Data protection in accordance with German law, global offer
  • More than 1,500 security experts (06/2017)
  • Proactive risk management for all applications
  • Integrated cloud provider with complete portfolio including IT, telecommunication, mobile, system integration
  • Fully integrated in the Deutsche Telekom network, but open for other providers at the same time
  • Worldwide deliverability
  • Migration of existing 30,000 servers, 910,000 workplaces, 15,000 applications, 455,000 mailboxes and 293,500 end user devices
  • Operation of around 43,000 cloud systems
  • Zero Outage for maximum end-to-end quality
  • Strictest requirements in terms of discipline, speed and precision as regards suppliers too
  • More than 30 suppliers and 60 access providers are certified (06/2017)
  • More than 25,000 certified experts, of whom 600 for quality assurance (06/2017)
  • TÜV-certified quality assurance program
  • Concrete measures, optimized processes and measurable key indicators
  • 24/7 operation with worldwide service
Products and Services within Dynamic IT
  • High-availability dynamic cloud platform, SLA with 99.99 per cent per year as a basis for the private cloud
  • No maintenance windows owing to hardware redundancy
  • Disaster recovery scenarios possible at application level
  • Flexible sharing of responsibility for pre-assembled or bespoke applications
  • Dynamic capacity adjustment of the private cloud
  • Modular and transparent pricing model
DSI Local (Private Cloud):
  • Enhancement of own cloud computing infrastructure with corresponding hardware
  • Security concept designed specifically for DSI Local
  • Easy to integrate into existing environments
  • Individual requirements concerning performance, operation and service levels for business applications and productive systems
DSI Remote (Private Cloud):
  • Establishment of a predefined infrastructure blueprint locally without the need for an existing data center
  • Management by T-Systems, combined with self-service
  • Security concept designed specifically for DSI Remote
  • Personal advice and active support from the very start
  • Individual requirements concerning performance, operation and service levels for business applications and productive systems
  • Storage Service for large amounts of data, such as may occur in IoT and big data analytics
  • Legally-compliant archiving in accordance with GDPR/DSGVO, certified under IDW PS 880, also for outsourcing unused data that is not permitted to be deleted
  • Pay-per-use model for maximum cost transparency with high availability of the platform of up to 99.9 per cent
  • Integrity and security thanks to certified German twin-core data centers with validated processes and services
  • Storage can be used via the optional Cloud Storage Gateway directly from established Windows and Unix applications
  • Efficient overall solution for standardized and professional operation of virtual machines in the most varied cloud environments by T-Systems
  • Components: monitoring of virtual servers, incident management, provisioning of patches and updates for the operating system, access protection as well as virus testing for Windows-based systems
  • Simple handling and easy access via self-service, as well as a transparent pay-per-use billing model in accordance with the usage intensity
  • Cloud-neutral standards facilitate the transfer of virtual systems between the clouds
  • Savings in terms of operating system service and maintenance thanks to professional support by T-Systems
  • Supported platforms: Open Telekom Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other providers

Using IT resources simply on demand

Dynamic IT includes secure and stable solutions from infrastructure to service in Zero Outage quality. The right landscape can thus be assembled from different platforms in line with the needs of the respective company: for example Dynamic Computing Services, which are operated in T-Systems data centers or the DSI vCloud, which provide IT resources flexibly for private or hybrid environments. Apart from managed systems, there is also a self-service portfolio for companies that like to take control of the operation and orchestration of the cloud mix themselves.

Benefiting from flexibility in agile times

Whether under own autonomy or with professional support – thanks to individual terms and flexible pricing models, Dynamic IT offers companies the opportunity to use IT resources on demand without being tied in long-term. This type of resource management is especially interesting for innovative digitization projects. Data collection and storage for IoT applications or the performance of real-time analyses and simulations, for example, place strict demands on the infrastructure. Companies want to try out new opportunities, such as real-time data analysis, to determine whether the potential added value justifies the effort and expense involved and whether such methods should be used in the long term. Dynamic IT makes this possible. That's because companies can use this offer to try out and evaluate flexible IT resources for the Internet of Things, simulations and big data analytics in real time for themselves and then, depending on the outcome, either adopt such resources for their own business in the long term or simply discontinue use again.

The single source solution for maximum security

Dynamic IT from T-Systems provides companies with an ideally positioned all-round carefree package for their IT resources from a single source. The strategic data centers from which infrastructures and applications are provided are distributed across all continents and thus reduce latency times locally to a minimum. Thanks to wide-ranging security measures and TwinCore technology, the data is protected comprehensively. Recovery is also assured thanks to professional disaster recovery management. What's more, companies benefit from maximum availability, since the Zero Outage concept focuses consistently on maximum quality in the area of people, processes and platforms: employees are trained in the Zero Outage principle as part of internationally uniform training programs, while ITIL-based processes ensure efficiency and proven technologies reduce the risk of outage. Companies can therefore source their IT resources in a demand-driven and uncomplicated way on this basis and are thus ideally positioned for a digital future.

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