AppAgile PaaS and Big Data

Development platform and data analytics from the cloud

  • Provision and simple testing of business applications
  • Fast application set-up and simple migration of applications
  • Use of docker container and self-service DevOps platform
  • Management of huge amounts of data with platforms like Hadoop, NoSQL or In-Memory
  • Usable results thanks to advanced and predictive analytics or data mining
  • Visualization with fast reports and individual dashboards
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Development platform AppAgile PaaS and data analytics with AppAgile Big Data

AppAgile PaaS combines technological development platforms with fast access to business applications from the cloud. Pre-configured middleware services like database servers, application servers or Web servers are available to the user. They can be accessed in seconds, applied and flexibly scaled. The special feature of AppAgile PaaS: Users gain a modular, flexible development environment and a highly available, secure product environment in one. After programming software, you can conveniently continue to operate your application on the same platform without interruptions and changes in providers.

Modular PaaS offering for data analytics from the cloud

AppAgile Big Data provides data analytics from the cloud. With the help of Data Inquest, data from various sources can be collected and filtered, from such places as the Social Web, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, machine-to-machine or process data. To handle the job of data management, AppAgile uses Big Data platforms like Hadoop, NoSQL or In-Memory. Huge amounts of data are aggregated in a data lake. The data are analyzed with advanced and predictive analytics, statistical analysis or data mining. AppAgile Big Data is available in the Open Telekom Cloud, the DSI vCloud (VMware) and the Microsoft Azure platform. Hybrid scenarios in Big Data can also be implemented.
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Technical specifications

  • ISO certification for cloud computing like ISO 27017 and ISO 27018
  • Data protection made in Germany through regular checks by independent institutions
  • The data are protected in Telekom high-security twin-core data centers in Germany

Your benefits

  • Fast on the market: Business innovations are implemented more quickly and competitive edges sharpened
    through the provision of desired applications with a press of a button
  • Simple testing of applications: risk-free scaling, pay-per-use price model
  • Focus on innovation: concentration on own applications; the rest is managed as a service by T-Systems – 24/7
  • Maximum security: operation of the platform at certified T-Systems data centers in compliance with German data privacy and security regulations
  • Hybrid solution: combination of the strengths of the private and public cloud on the basis of Microsoft Azure
  • Docker container: configuration of performance in self-service; managed platform comes from T-Systems
  • Self-service DevOps platform: fast and easy development of applications using proven tools
  • Big Data solutions: Big Data at the press of a button from the ecosystem
  • A range of price models: from pay per use and pre-defined packages to dedicated environments with discount models
  • End-to-end services: standardized end-to-end Hadoop solutions on the basis of an infrastructure platform (classic, dynamic, cloud)
  • Appropriate usage profile: a range of performance profiles (volume, balanced, performance), available in sizes XS-XXL, depending on the requirements
  • Popular data formats: migration, efficient consolidation and retrieval of structured and unstructured data from various source systems possible
  • Best-of-breed: best-of-breed ecosystem with infrastructure, Hadoop distribution, big data analytics, big data visualization
  • Dynamically upgradable: on-demand provisioning of the requisite storage volume and simple cluster growth in line with data requirements.
  • Service orchestration: professional management of services by T-Systems, high security features,
    high availability, backup cluster management and monitoring
  • Cloudera Hadoop: CDH as the globally complete, best-rated and widest distribution of Apache Hadoop
  • State-of-the-art architecture: fail-safe Hadoop platform for expanding data and processing requirements through a distributed system architecture
  • Secure: production location including in Germany. Contracts based on German data-privacy law
  • Platform independent: various freely selectable services from the available platforms Open Telekom Cloud (Open Stack), Microsoft Azure and DSI vCloud
  • Hybrid solution: combination of the strengths of the private and public cloud on the basis of Microsoft Azure


AppAgile: fast market launch thanks to platform as a service

AppAgile is a modular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that combines technical development platforms with readily available business applications from the cloud – businesses can use the solution without needing to put extensive effort into development.

AppAgile PaaS and AppAgile Big Data

AppAgile PaaS is a modular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering that combines technical development platforms with readily available business applications from the cloud. The platform coordinates the operation of Java and data workloads and offers containers for in-house application developments and analytics as a service. T-Systems combines DevOps for agile development with productive ITIL/SLA-based operation. In the platform, AppAgile provides both private and public cloud environments on the Open Telekom Cloud or Azure.

Connectors to a company’s own CRM and ERP systems

The applications are mapped in the PaaS Openshift world in the form of docker containers and can therefore be accessed in the cloud with maximum flexibility. This facilitates the lightning-fast booking of additional IT resources based on need, and a company does not have to assemble virtual machines on its own. Rather, applications are ready for use. In addition to a company’s own applications, the environment in AppAgile PaaS can be enhanced with software from external providers. Via connectors to corporate CRM and ERP systems, relevant data can be transported back and forth throughout the entire IT landscape. Other benefits: a payment model based on use, operation in a German computing center run in accordance with German security and data-protection laws, excellent SLAs and high scalability. The PaaS ecosystem AppAgile combines the needs of IT developers with the desire of many specialist departments for readily available business functionalities.

AppAgile Big Data for private, data-critical applications

AppAgile Azure Hybrid is available from Microsoft Cloud Germany and globally as a modular platform-as-a-service offering based on the Red Hat OpenShift container platform. In the Microsoft Cloud Germany, Azure services are offered from German data centers. Customer data are processed and stored exclusively in Germany. Access to customer data is the responsibility of the data trustee T-Systems: Microsoft gains no access to it without the permission of the company or of the customer. The AppAgile hybrid approach enables customers to combine private, data-critical applications with public cloud offerings and nonetheless retain full control of their data.

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