Dynamic Applications & Database Solutions as an end-to-end offering

Dynamic Applications & Database Solutions

Platform-independent multi-cloud services for maximum flexibility

  • Flexible operation of managed services – platform-independent and from a single source – in any public or private cloud or even in your own data center
  • A free choice between self and managed service offerings to reduce the burden on your own resources as necessary
  • Automated transfer of self-developed applications to protect investments made
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Digitization with multi-cloud services

A free choice of the most innovative cloud services, future-proof, cost-effective solutions, a fast pace, maximum flexibility, lean processes – the multi-cloud offers all these advantages. However, ongoing operations must not be disrupted during the transformation and existing applications should remain available in many cases. Platform-independent container services which combine the existing IT world with the new digitized environment are the ideal solution.
Container services allow applications, middleware and databases to be operated on any platforms. Using a managed service with defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) gives you maximum stability and you no longer need to worry about your productive systems. For testing and development projects, the self-service gives you maximum flexibility. You can enable and disable your applications as necessary and thus reduce costs by only paying for what you actually use.
If an application is developed as a container solution, it can be operated on numerous different platforms – in the private or public cloud or even in your own data center. And this also applies to applications that were not originally intended for the cloud. During the transformation (cloud shift), such applications are prepared for the virtualized environment and thus merge seamlessly into the new infrastructure.
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According to a study with 310 IT experts commissioned by ClusterHQ and conducted by DevOps.com, the productive operation of containers increased by 96 percent in 2015.
ClusterHQ, 2016
Studienergebnisse ClusterHQ

How can my company benefit from Dynamic Application & Database Solutions?

  • No negative effects on the ICT infrastructure in the event of cyber attacks
  • Security-checked container and cloud process environments from T-Systems
  • No critical disruptions to ongoing ICT operations
  • Containers on failsafe cloud platforms from T-Systems
  • Minimizing potential faults when carrying out transformation projects
  • Automated migration of customer applications to containers
  • No unnecessary actions which encourage faults and increase costs
  • Straightforward configuration via the self-service portal and automated container provision


Containers allow a wide range of applications to operate flexibly in a range of environments.

Container services and technology from a trusted partner

For most companies, the container principle is nothing new. However, many companies are reluctant to implement it themselves. However, it is well worth the effort. After all, a full range of products based on this technology is available and all of these products are geared to the future. The study entitled “Now Shipping: The Docker and Containers Ecosystem” by 451 Research confirmed this: Docker (open-source software for isolating applications in containers) received US$ 150 million in venture capital in 2015 and is the number one item of software among capital providers.
Docker is the basis for T-Systems’ containers and offers enormous potential. After all, the Docker library contains over 30,000 containers which customers can choose from and then develop an ideal version depending on their own intended use. The necessary interfaces are provided from the start and the containers work with all new Linux versions and with Windows Server 2016. They can be managed and monitored together as part of container management in order to ensure that each container is only executed in the environment for which it was intended, e.g., in a public cloud. Because all containers run on different virtual machines, they achieve maximum reliability. If a fault occurs in one system, the container is automatically launched on another virtual machine within seconds. As a result, the application continues to run with no problems.
The container services from T-Systems allow dynamic applications on all platforms, and all services are checked. A manufacturer-independent service catalog offers maximum flexibility – and the choice between a managed service and a self-service. It is always up to the customer to choose the platform on which their applications are operated. Take advantage of this technology as part of Dynamic Applications & Database Solutions from T-Systems. The end-to-end offering combines application, middleware and database operations with transformation and migration services for moving applications to the cloud.

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