Salesforce meets cloud: T-Systems offers an end-to-end, worry-free package for the CRM software from the market leader.

Salesforce Cloud

Real-time CRM for sales, marketing, and service

  • Centralized recording, processing, and analysis of customer data
  • Connects teams, partners, and customers
  • Cuts costs, optimizes decision-making, and improves customer satisfaction
  • Modular enhancement with community solutions and app development
  • Delivered from certified cloud data centers and compliant with the strict German privacy and data protection laws
  • Everything from a single source: consulting, licensing, implementation, and support
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

A direct line to the customer: One platform for all CRM functionalities

The Salesforce Sales Cloud – powered by T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom – lets companies seamlessly integrate all their customer-related processes and data and makes them available centrally in the cloud. Sales, marketing, and customer service always have a handle on all relevant information – in real time, across all devices, whether on-site or on the go. As a result, collaboration within the departments can be optimized, along with lead management, and faster, more sound decisions can be made.

CRM from A to Z: analyzing, connecting, developing apps

The Sales Cloud can be supplemented with applications for service, marketing, community, and app cloud. This enables additional functions, such as the structured expansion of the partner network, the development of custom apps to improve work processes, and precise profile analysis to develop custom-tailored offerings. Customers can be picked up in the right place and delighted in the long term.

Security, licensing, and consulting – all from a single source

When sensitive customer data is involved, security is a top priority. As a German contractual and service partner, T-Systems provides the complete package – including a data privacy agreement compliant with the strict German laws. The solution is hosted at data centers in Germany and other European countries. The data centers have been certified by independent auditors and meet the highest demands for data privacy and failsafe operation. In addition, T-Systems is the only reseller of Salesforce licenses in the DACH region and many other countries in Europe and provides end-to-end support: consulting and implementation, licensing and migration of legacy CRM data, and even training and software updates.



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CORPUS SIREO manages real estate worth around EUR 16.3 billion throughout Europe for companies, insurers, and banks. The group has just under 570 employees at 11 locations.

The task

  • Long response times in customer interactions
  • Operation of five obsolete, heterogeneous and independent CRM systems
  • Decentralized contact management
  • Inadequate mobile access to customer data
  • Contact management in MS Outlook without integration of Exchange
  • High costs of manual processing involved in the management of accounts, contacts, and acquisitions/sales

The solution

  • Replace the five CRM systems with the Salesforce Sales Cloud as the main CRM solution
  • Implementation of the modules "Partner and Channel Management", "Acquisition Toolbox", and higher-level reporting
  • Implementation of additional tools such as "Salesforce for Outlook", mobile app and business card scanner
  • Implementation, migration, and operation by T-Systems in T-Systems' secure data center in Frankfurt am Main

Customer benefits

  • Transparency: Centralized, homogenous cloud solution allows 360-degree view of all account and customer information in real time
  • Speed: Shorter response times for sales and purchase activities, faster transactions
  • Revenue: More leads can simultaneously be converted to successful deals
  • Expense: Increased productivity by eliminating many manual tasks
  • Mobilization: Access to all CRM data anytime, anywhere
Döres AG
ContiTech is an independent division of the Continental Group, with some 43,000 employees at 194 locations in 44 countries. The Conveyor Belt Group (CBG) business unit is specialized in conveyor technology.

The task

  • Consolidation of two different CRM systems on a central platform
  • Consolidation and central staging of all customer data
  • Increase internal and external sales efficiency
  • Data storage under European jurisdiction
  • Integration with the SAP system

The solution

  • Salesforce as the strategic CRM platform for all CBG sales
  • Use of the Sales and Service Cloud from Salesforce
  • Phased implementation, initially with migration to the T-Systems data center in Germany in just 40 days
  • User activation/integration, process integration
  • 800 sales employees have a 360-degree view of the customer, anytime and anywhere, thanks to centralized data storage

Customer benefits

  • Improved sales efficiency through standardization and consolidation of previously separate sales processes
  • Faster, more intensive customer support as a competitive advantage
  • User-friendly platform
  • Cloud solution avoids capital expenditures
  • Potential for rollout to other business areas at ContiTech
Döres AG is a consulting and integration partner for implementing digital working methods. As a partner to Deutsche Telekom, Döres AG supports Deutsche Telekom with Salesforce implementations. The company nearly eliminated fixed workplaces as early as 2004. Döres AG has the technical expertise you need to help you get started with digitization.

The task

  • Transparency for all tasks
  • Full control over processes
  • Security
  • Mobile work, using a variety of devices to access tasks
  • Speed (access documents and processes anytime, anywhere)
  • Simple, self-explanatory use

The solution

  • Implementation of Salesforce as the CRM system
  • Build the "TaskCockpit®" app, specifically on the Salesforce platform, to enable mobile work
  • Access to all documents and processes – anytime and anywhere
  • Development of an agile workflow
  • Tool for immediate transparency within the organization

Customer benefits

  • Overview of assigned and delegated tasks – anytime and anywhere
  • Can be customized to personal needs
  • E-mail becomes unnecessary because processes run transparently
  • Access to tasks with any mobile device
  • Product documentation is created automatically
  • Intuitive operation


Salesforce from the Telekom Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud simplifies customer management through automated processes, such as maintenance of customer database or when creating campaigns and documents. Salesforce Sales Cloud also supports the connection with customers, partners, experts and colleagues from other departments.

Individual customer journeys thanks to Salesforce Cloud applications

State-of-the-art CRM systems help companies achieve targeted, personalized interaction. As the global number one in enterprise cloud computing and customer relationship management, Salesforce focuses on the automation and digitization of all sales processes. Whether for new or existing customers, distributors, business partners, or within teams: integration in the cloud opens up entirely new possibilities for establishing and maintaining closer, more valuable customer relationships. In addition to sales, marketing, and service, this also encompasses HR and supply chain management. After all, a solution must be integrated throughout the company to truly capture the full potential of an end-to-end platform from the public cloud.

Top customer relationship management and customer service across all channels

When all data is available centrally from the cloud, regardless of location and across all devices, companies get a detailed view of the entire customer history. As a result, inquiries can be handled much more efficiently – and customer satisfaction increases. At the same time, combined business analyses give the Sales and Marketing departments a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling them to develop individual customer journeys and custom-tailored offerings, as well as identify potential sales opportunities early on. Another benefit: the automation of routine tasks frees up capacities, enabling advisors to fully concentrate on customer care.

Partners for CRM from the cloud: Salesforce and T-Systems

To make the U.S. vendor's cloud offering compliant with German and European requirements for data privacy and failsafe operation, T-Systems and Salesforce entered a strategic partnership in 2014. T-Systems is the exclusive reseller and strategic data center partner in Germany, making it the only provider to offer its customers an end-to-end solution including user licenses, consulting, and implementation services in a single contract. Companies get the market-leading software together with cloud security that is compliant with German privacy and data protection laws, supplemented with other cloud products upon request. In addition, T-Systems develops custom CRM applications based on the Salesforce1 Platform, such as the Customer Experience Management Automotive application, whose functions are custom-tailored to the needs of the automotive industry.

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