With DocuSign from T-Systems, digital documents can be signed, managed and sent in a legally compliant manner.

DocuSign from T-Systems

Electronic signature and digital transaction management

  • Cloud solution for the legally compliant signing, management and sending of documents
  • Qualified electronic signature in accordance with the EU’s eIDAS and GDPR standards
  • Reduced process costs and faster throughput times
  • License management and implementation from a single source
  • Secure network connection and data storage in German data centers
  • Integration into existing systems such as Salesforce, Office 365, SAP etc.

End to end: digitizing approval processes quickly and easily

With DocuSign, all work processes relating to decisions, approvals, notifications, confirmations or data collection are fully digitized. The cloudsolution replaces written signatures, piles of paper-based documents and the sending of documents via fax, scanning or post with an end-to-end digitized workflow. This reduces costs and significantly speeds up throughput times. As a German contractual and servicepartner, T-Systems and Telekom provide the electronic signature as a complete package – including comprehensive advice, all licenses and implementation – and are therefore the only provider to offer an end-to-end solution in this field. As a partner toand investor in DocuSign, they also develop new products based on the software.

Maximum IT and legal security

DocuSign satisfies all the legal regulations regarding the legal security of signatures and documents – even those in highly regulated sectors and markets. Given T-Systems’ wealth of experience in the area of company and IT security, its offering complements the qualified electronic signature, adding maximum data security and data protection in accordance with Germanlaw. All data are stored in cloud data centers in Germany and remain within the European judicial area. In order to ensure a secure connection, the provenT-Systems and Telekom networks are also available for data traffic and mobile access. A data protection agreement (CDP) in accordance with German data protection laws and the EU Model Clause is also included.


DocuSign: How It Works

See how to complete approvals and agreements with DocuSign. Quickly and securely sign documents. Easily send documents for others to sign.

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How the electronic signature works

With DocuSign, the digital signature process is child’s play. Signatories and those involved in the relevant workflow can use the application from any end device, whether it be a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You receive a notification, sign the relevant document with just a few clicks and then send it straight back. In this way, complete workflows are covered, for example concludingcontracts, documenting evidence or confidentiality agreements. Thanks to the qualified electronic signature, processes which used to take days can now be completed in just a few hours. At the same time, transparency as to whosigned when and where remains.

Easy integration – with no installation

The cloud solution works via a browser – with no additional software installations or other technical requirements. Thanks to numerous API interfaces andready-made integrations, the application can easily be integrated into existing systems such as SAP, Salesforce or Office 365. At the same time, T-Systems can take care of system integration, as a result of which companies get a turnkey solution. Users can start using the solution in a very short time with no need for training. Given its usability, the solution is also well accepted.

Support for all legal issues

The law firm Seitz is one of over 250,000 companies around the world that use DocuSign. It is also a partner to T-Systems for developing the e-signature in Germany. Customers that obtain DocuSign from T-Systems also benefit from this – Seitz is able to offer advice regarding all legal issues concerning digital transactionmanagement.

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