Service-oriented Architecture verhindert Medienbrüche – ServiceNow von T-Systems

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Service-oriented architecture – process automation with ServiceNow

  • Highest security level: ServiceNow out of German cloud
  • More efficiency, lower costs through faster and continuously automated IT and business processes
  • Service-oriented architecture: reliable and transparent information without media breaks due to single system of record
  • Highest flexibility: very agile thanks to consolidation and standardization  
  • Customer Experience: high availability combined with transparency and user friendliness (easy-to-use) lead to high acceptance from end users (internal and external)

Service centered business

A technician reports an error via e-mail. A member of the staff informs the IT support about a software error via chat. Another one informs the procurement via telephone about upcoming settings.  
What these events have in common? Fast support is required when companies‘ processes result in inquiries. Many companies use several tools and methods for this kind of service management. But most are still far away from a service-oriented architecture. This can lead to problems, especially when many different departments and experts with different views are involved in finding a solution. Moreover, errors and lack of continuous information transparency are caused by media breaks with data stemming from different sources like notes, e-mails, calls or chats.
Solution: Enterprise Service Management – process automation by T-Systems based on ServiceNow’s partner solution. The cloud service based on the secure German Telekom Cloud is operated and managed by T-Systems’ organization operational services in Frankfurt Main. This software automates and accelerates service enquiry resolution.
Companies can manage any service enquiry error-free with a central platform in Telekom’s secure data centers. Information flows from any system is digitalized, automated and connected.

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How can my company benefit from ServiceNow?

  • Cloud service model from Telekom’s secure data center
  • 24/7 support based in Germany
  • Provision as customer-dedicated instance via internet
  • Highest scalability and availability
  • Intuitive handling
  • Self-explanatory user frontend
  • Simple and efficient construction  
  • High user satisfaction
  • Single system of record
  • Service, operational and business management merge to one common service-oriented architecture
  • One centralized data model
  • Immediately available solution
  • Cloud as well as non-cloud systems are includable
  • Flexible platform
  • All levels can be used individually, e.g. development platform for specific applications
  • Service management scope extendable at any time, for example by HR, finance or marketing division (business processes)
  • Full expansion of all modules: service, business and operational management
  • Optimized service transactions
  • Service centered orchestration
  • No media breaks
  • Continuously faster service processes
  • Enormous time savings


The components of the ServiceNow platform
© ServiceNow

Technical Specifications

  • Single system of record: ServiceNow applications all based on one platform. All information are available at one single database.
  • SOA: ServiceNow based on a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), allows all data objects to use web services for bi-directional data level integration.
  • Data protection: ServiceNow as a SaaS solution from Telekom’s data center, service support and management are exclusively made by T-Systems from Germany.
  • Out-of-the-box application: The ServiceNow functions based on ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) are available ‘out-of-the-box’ and can be easily configured by the customer.
  • Non-stop cloud: ServiceNow based on one single instance architecture. Every customer has his own database and his own application set

A central service-oriented architecture for automating all services

The offering on the cloud market changes at a high speed. Consequently, a heterogenic cloud landscape with endless solutions, develops at many companies. A „service-oriented architecture“ for efficient problem solutions? Business process management (BPM) at the highest level? Wrong! Therefore, many companies are searching for a possibility to make their service-management for IT- and business processes more efficient, standardized and clearer.
T-Systems offers with the enterprise cloud approach exactly the right solution: Enterprise Service Management based on ServiceNow’s partner solution. This Service-oriented Architecture for service and process automation combines all relevant information in one database, prepares them onto a clear user interface and makes them available. Media breaks are now things of the past.

Secure, clear and easy to use

Thanks to T-Systems, the successful service-oriented architecture by ServiceNow will be hosted in German data centers for the time– by Deutsche Telekom. The ideal framework for all who attach the highest value for security.  T-Systems is the only managed coud service provider offering ServiceNow in a German cloud – and compliant with German data protection guidelines and highest security standards. Even the service support and business management proceeds exclusively from Germany. Only T-Systems offers the software ServiceNow in combination with such high security standards.
With its service-oriented architecture approach, the solution goes beyond classic IT service management. Because it combines service management, business management and IT operational management, and leads to a clear enterprise cloud platform. So companies only need one further analytics tool, a single system of record for all divisions. The offering focuses on customers, who want to digitize and automize their whole IT and non-IT processes.
All services from Enterprise Service Management based on ServiceNow can be used on the go via smartphone or tablet app.

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