Application Performance Management erhöht WAN-Performance.

WAN acceleration

Optimize data traffic, reduce WAN load

  • Optimization and analysis of existing data traffic in the WAN as a managed service
  • Acceleration of business-critical applications without any bandwidth increase
  • Clear improvement of the user experience
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

WAN optimization through application performance management

Enterprises usually make IT applications available centrally across their locations via a wide area network (WAN) – and also more and more from the cloud. Yet data traffic has increased sharply – and the bandwidth of existing WANs is often no longer sufficient. Additional bandwidth is the typical response to the resultant drops in quality. The alternative is to systematically optimize existing data traffic. Among other things, that reduce duplicate transmission of data, leverage smart data compression and avoid delays due to transmission protocols that are not optimized. As a result, the WAN can be sped up 50-fold at little cost and with the same bandwidth.


Technical specifications

​​​​​​​WAN optimization as a managed service
  • Reduction of redundant data transmission
  • Compression of data streams
  • Acceleration of transmission protocols
Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of data traffic and network utilization
  • Monitoring of end devices
Case-by-case analysis if required
  • Measurement of network and application performance
  • Identification of weaknesses
  • Consulting on optimization
Global Availability

WAN optimization as a managed service

Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferences, unified communication & collaboration, cloud computing: Those are the main factors driving the sharp increase in data throughput in wide area networks (WANs). Yet traditional applications can also slow down or clog networks. Even the transport and application protocols computers use to communicate with each other and the servers in data centers are often not optimized for operation in a WAN. WAN optimization reduces this “needless” data traffic over the WAN and optimizes transfer of useful data.

Reduce latencies

This optimization step alone has an extremely big impact, especially for international connections. The example of a global logistics company demonstrates that. Its locations in Asia were initially not able to be supplied with business-critical applications from the data center in Europe. Thanks to application performance management, the applications between Europe and Asia now work perfectly – a separate data center in Asia was not needed.

Data compression and monitoring

A further means of reducing traffic is data compression, which is done intelligently in real time by mathematical methods and on the basis of powerful hardware.
Performance monitoring shows how the data traffic behaves during operation and which server causes which data traffic. The monitoring program not only records the data traffic, but also all end devices, the hardware in the data center and the clients, as well as the networks with the corresponding hardware (routers, switches, etc.).

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