With SAP ERP, companies take the first step toward becoming digital real-time companies

Future-oriented use of SAP ERP with end-to-end support

The path to a real-time digital enterprise

Speeding up business processes, optimizing data analyses, and communicating in real time – according to PAC, businesses are relying on SAP Solutions to achieve these key goals. They are doing so by using a partner who assumes end-to-end responsibility and provides comprehensive support to the IT department.
Accelerate into the digital age
With SAP End-to-End Services & Solutions by T-Systems
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Seizing opportunities and mastering challenges with SAP Solutions

An intelligent SAP ERP system is the basis for a successful digital transformation. This provides companies with numerous opportunities: expanding business models, managing business transactions in real time, managing data complexity, and opening up new business areas. SAP makes it happen. With the new SAP S/4HANA® Business Suite, it offers a digital heart for real-time simulations and data-supported decisions. About 80 percent of all companies obtain outside help when they migrate to SAP ERP and carry out the necessary transition to SAP S/4HANA® by 2025, a PAC study found. To handle the complex task of migration, T-Systems offers professional end-to-end support that covers all steps.

Non-binding tests for well-conceived transformation projects

With its jump-start options, T-Systems provides a risk-free test cycle during which a company can get to know the services offered by SAP S/4HANA®P without obligation. At reasonable costs, it can easily test the comprehensive innovation opportunities with data in real time from the highly secure cloud.

The right cloud environment for successful innovations

To really benefit from the opportunities created by the new SAP services, companies should focus on hybrid cloud environments in the medium term.  T-Systems' multi-cloud platforms offer the entire potential of SAP solutions from a private, hybrid, and public cloud that flexibly adapts to new requirements, expands existing processes, and yet remains scalable. With a complete, professional orchestration of the corresponding cloud ecosystem, T-Systems lays the foundation for a data-driven economy. This is the first step toward innovative technologies such as SAP Leonardo, Hadoop Blockchain, and Internet of Things.
To become even stronger here, Deutsche Telekom and SAP SE have significantly expanded their partnership in relation to the IoT. The first joint project, for example, supports the digital logistics chain in real time. By using sensors and intelligent devices, companies can keep an eye on the location and condition of their goods at all times. This minimizes transport risks and allows products to be tracked in real time over the entire end-to-end life cycle.  To handle the complex task of migration, T-Systems offers professional end-to-end support that covers all steps. For its outstanding contribution to the digital transformation of SAP customers, the provider received the Partner Excellence Award as Service Partner of the Year 2018.