SAP systems need to be able to react to market requirements dynamically. For that, T-Systems offers a cloud-based solution.

Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions

SAP operation: maximum security, cost transparency and power

  • Operation of SAP systems in the form of standardized, automated, and virtualized resources
  • Companies generate scales of economy 
  • Minimizes the risk of system failure
  • Maximum cloud security
  • Lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent

Digitization with SAP solutions from the cloud

Market cycles are getting shorter and companies need to make critical business decisions more quickly: real-time processes is the buzzword here. However, that often means that companies need to modify their SAP landscape. Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions now provide companies with systems and services from the cloud at short notice and in line with their current needs, ensuring high availability, low costs, and maximum security.  As a result, companies are able to generate scales of economy and lower their costs. Simplified processes with Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions minimize the risk of system failure. Customers can add and cancel servers automatically as needed. Pooling resources means considerably lower operating costs compared to traditional operating models.

Up to 30 percent lower operating costs

Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions also lower operating costs by up to 30 percent because companies no longer need to maintain extra capacity to cover peak loads. So companies only have to pay for the resources they actually use. This tailored form of billing minimizes investment risks. New deployment models transfer the solutions either to the public cloud or to a combination of private and public cloud. This makes SAP operation easier and even more cost-effective and yet it remains secure. With over 15 years’ experience in projects for major international customers, T-Systems is the ideal partner.

Uncompromising security and quality

Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions benefit from constantly updated security technologies in T-Systems' data centers offering the maximum possible levels of data security and comprehensive data protection. If required, customer systems are mirrored in the secure twin-core data centers (99.7 percent availability at system level, up to 99.9 percent availability at platform level).
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Expertise in cloud-based SAP systems

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How do I transform my company and make it part of the digital world? Companies also ask this question in relation to their SAP system. This version of cloud-based operation using SAP business software allows a quicker time to market. As a result, companies are able to launch innovations more quickly, an essential factor during the digital transformation and a guarantee of stable revenue. In a world in which business processes are increasingly fast-moving and closely linked to IT, SAP systems too must meet the new requirements.
T-Systems is able to meet these requirements with its Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions. Many different corporate groups and SMEs have placed their trust in this operating model for many years now. T-Systems operates the world's largest SAP cloud and has received regular awards from various analyst firms such as Gartner, ISG, and Experton over the past five years. The experts at PAC have already honored the services in the SAP Hosting category on several occasions. The German company is not just the largest provider within this "SAP Hosting" category, but is also one of the very best according to PAC. In seven out of eight fields of expertise, T-Systems' approach for the SAP system of the future was rated well above average.

Numerous benefits for companies

These services offer numerous benefits for a company’s SAP landscape. Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions allow quick, needs-based adaptation of resources while SAP is running. The company is given the capacities it requires to meet its business needs at any given time. Resources can be increased or reduced as necessary, e.g., when carrying out new projects, in the event of sudden peak loads or if upgrades are required. However, Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions also lead to greater user satisfaction due to the smooth functioning of process modeling. The company simply outsources the operation and maintenance of the system environments and can rely on German data protection and data security. With Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions, only the capacity that is actually provided is billed. The total cost of ownership for the entire SAP system can therefore be reduced by up to 30 percent.

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