SAP systems make current trends available to companies

Data Driven Economy

Data Driven Economy with SAP Solutions

SAP systems make current trends available to companies

Innovative SAP systems enable companies to benefit from the latest trends.

  • Real-time data processing in SAP HANA® opens up new opportunities for companies
  • The opportunities are manifold: IoT, machine learning, analytics, design thinking, big data, and many more
  • SAP Leonardo forms the technological basis for this and other innovations

Use real-time data with SAP HANA® for future-oriented innovations

Advanced und predictive analytics are becoming relevant to more and more companies. Both can be ideally implemented with real-time information from SAP S/4HANA®, on the basis of which companies can make decisions in real time. The T-Systems DigiFront dashboard solution, for example, evaluates the desired business-relevant data at the touch of a button and displays it clearly on a dashboard – from high-level to in-depth details. This enables medium-sized companies to quickly and cost-effectively implement digital analytics with SAP systems and gain valuable insights into their business.

Artificial intelligence for maximum business success

The right solution
SAP BI: Digital analytics
SAP BI makes it possible to obtain valuable information from collected data. This enables future-proof decisions that actively contribute to business success.

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According to the IDC study, 55 percent of companies plan to use machine learning and artificial intelligence for their business success over the next two years. The basis for this is the operation of SAP S/4HANA® from a secure multi-cloud environment. Once the foundations are in place, companies can implement IoT projects, design thinking, big data and data intelligence with SAP Leonardo. In order to achieve positive results for the business with these innovations, it is worth working with an experienced partner like T-Systems, who can support IT managers in all aspects of SAP systems and offer practical use cases for specific projects. Because the new opportunities trigger real change processes in many companies: business models, structures, and internal processes are changing. T-Systems supports these developments for customers in order to jointly achieve the best possible results.