To take precautions against malware such as WannaCry, data encryption and backup as well as regular updates are essential.
Data encryption

Secure your data gold before someone else does!

The mobility of people, goods, finances and data is what helps to keep globalization running. It also helps to improve the lives of people around the world. However, growth and prosperity have a downside, namely dependence and the vulnerability of networks and IT. Criminals exploit this. In industry as well as the public and private sector, cybercrime causes significant losses every day. That is why around 1,200 specialists at Telekom Security protect our customers’ data gold.
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Confidence is the most important currency

Telekom Security is one of the leading Managed Security service providers in Europe. 200 experts are based in the new Cyber Defense and Security Operation Center in Bonn alone. Every day, the specialists in Telekom’s laboratories and workshops analyze the threat situation. This includes previously unknown weaknesses such as Meltdown and Spectre or serious design flaws on the CPU level which hackers can use for side channel attacks. This is the worst possible scenario. However, what whistleblowers bring to light can be explosive too – in both a positive and a negative sense. In 2017, criminals gained access to details of unknown weaknesses and effective tools. As a result, new ransomware is likely to appear all the time.
Market developments, for example company mergers or fusions, also lead to uncertainty. Leading global certification services were sold, and Google withdrew its confidence in a number of providers. Unfortunately, confidence is the most important currency in the Internet age. That is why Telekom Security also offers SSL and TLS certificates “Made in Germany” with its own trust center.

How can I protect myself each day?

  • Look at e-mails very carefully before opening them! If an e-mail seems suspicious, do not open any file attachments. If in doubt, ask Support.
  • Be particularly careful with e-mails allegedly containing invoices or Office files which are often used to distribute Trojans.
  • Patch things up! Always keep your operating system, browser and all other programs that you use up to date.
  • Regularly back up your data on an external storage medium such as a hard drive, a USB stick or using a cloud storage facility that you trust.
  • Do not keep this storage device connected to your computer at all times.
  • In the event of an infection with ransomware, data and system backups are often the only way to restore the affected files and systems and to avoid further damage.
  • Think in a long-term way and use the know-how of a service provider to make up for any missing security expertise.

No WannaCry with workplaces from the cloud


Cloud workplaces are patched centrally by T-Systems in the data center – there is no need to spend lots of time rolling out new anti-virus software to physical client systems.

In addition, user data are separate from the client system in cloud workplaces. Malware on the client which attacks system data can be removed simply by restarting the client. This takes just three minutes.

In the interview, Thomas Tschersich, head of internal security and cyber defense at Deutsche Telekom, talks to Alexia Sailer about WannaCry and how to take precautions against such attacks.

Relevant solutions

As far as is known, no Deutsche Telekom systems in Germany or abroad have been affected. There have also been no reports of customer systems managed by Deutsche Telekom being infected.
Deutsche Telekom, 2017
Nach aktuellen Kenntnissen sind bisher keine Systeme der Deutschen Telekom im In- und Ausland betroffen.

Digital success for Europe

Digitalization holds huge potential for the citizens and the institutions of the EU. A modern and digital Europe will be built on reliable communication networks, secure data and digital trust.
At T-Systems we bring together both the proven and the new.
From conventional IT, telephony and cloud services, we create integrated solutions for a connected world. We have all the elements to help companies and government agencies successfully embrace digitalization: the reliability of the best network, highly secure data centers, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem – and global partnerships that move continents closer together.
Close interaction between science and business ensures that our services are always ready for the future.
At our Telekom Innovation Labs, the Innovation Center and our Telekom Design Gallery, we create new solutions to improve the life of our customers.
Work becomes more secure, more productive and more comfortable

Digital success for Europe – Secure European networks and data
Digitalization holds huge potential for the citizens and the institutions of the EU. A modern and digital Europe will be built on reliable communication networks, secure data and digital trust. A short video shows how T-Systems empowers public authorities and companies in Europe – through networks, in the cloud, and with security by design.

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