Advanced Persistent Threat Protection Pro from T-Systems delivers immediate, fully automated defenses

APT Protect Pro

Unknown threats call for intelligent defenses

  • APT Protect Pro shields against known and unknown threats
  • On-demand solution from the cloud or on-premises
  • Innovative virtual machine-based execution and threat emulation
  • Monitors all incoming traffic via Web downloads and emails
  • APT Protect Pro Cloud in a choice of three cost-effective packages
  • APT Protect Pro On Premises with predefined bundles based on data volume, number of users and features
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Disarming unknown foes

Cybercriminals are now highly organized, and a major source of danger. And any business that falls victim to a coordinated attack can expect to find itself the subject of negative media headlines. Disrupted or manipulated processes, leaks of confidential information (doxing), and high ransom demands (or even payments) can inflict lasting damage on reputations and earnings. And malware takes diverse forms. Peril lurks in many places and at all times: for example, in a drive-by download (an unintentional download from the Web) or spear phishing (an attachment opened from an email purporting to come from a known sender). Moreover, conventional firewalls and antivirus software only look for known signatures, and do not examine the actual content. APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Protect Pro, by contrast, offers robust protection against sophisticated cyberattacks, fending off all threats, both known and unknown, that reach the corporate network via the Internet and emails.
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APT Protect Pro
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Best-in-class: made-to-measure security

At the heart of APT Protect Pro from T-Systems is a virtual machine-based execution and emulation engine. This sandboxed combination of hardware and software (appliance) automatically detects anomalous files and code received via email or downloads. The potential malware is placed in this “detonation chamber”, where it is executed and analyzed. Once its status as a threat or non-threat is known, it is added to a blacklist or a whitelist, expanding the knowledge base available for future check routines. T-Systems provisions APT Protect Pro from the cloud or on-premises. With the on-premises version, customers can choose to have their solution hosted at a T-Systems data center.
Robust protection from the cloud or on-premises
Security-as-a-service for email traffic
  • Cloud service as optional extra for E-Mail Protect Pro
  • Files in diverse formats are examined at operating-system and CPU level
  • Malware cannot bypass existing security mechanisms
  • Detect package: files are delivered, and threats simultaneously emulated; reporting only
  • Prevent package: files are cached and delivered after threat emulation
  • Prevent Plus package: threat elimination, immediate delivery of the file as a scrubbed PDF
  • Cost-effective and usage-based – OpEx not CapEx
  • No need to install hardware or software
An intelligent addition to perimeter protection
  • Maximum protection against conventional and new threats
  • Includes intrusion prevention system (IPS), Web security, email security and APT protection
  • Rental solution implemented on dedicated systems on-premises at the customer site or hosted at a T-Systems data center
  • Predefined bundles: data volume, number of users and features
  • Support: central user helpdesk
  • Operation 24/7: by experts from the dedicated Deutsche Telekom security unit, SOC service optionally available
  • End-to-end solution, including management, licensing, and liaison with vendor support
  • Try-and-buy versions available (for Cisco)

Analyze what suspicious code might do

Is a suspicious email attachment or download a blacklist candidate? The VM-based execution engine delivers the answer.

Advanced Persistent Threats: beware downloads and “known” email senders

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Advanced persistent threats are highly sophisticated, ongoing and extremely targeted cyberattacks on systems and networks. Often, perpetrators can remain undetected in the corporate infrastructure for several hundred days – giving them ample time to find and steal intellectual property and other data assets. They have significant financial and human resources at their disposal, enabling them to exploit vulnerabilities for both short-term and long-term access. Examples include software faults for which no patch is available, resulting in zero-day exploits. APT security solution vendors report that in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone, 30 percent of documented attacks worldwide were based on the zero-day principle and unknown attack patterns. Conventional network security und antivirus systems are unable to combat advanced persistent threats. Moreover, spear phishing tactics continue to evolve. These entail targeting carefully researched individuals, sending them personalized and highly credible emails, for example purporting to be from business associates – but with malicious attachments or links, and frequently requesting the disclosure of information. Against this background, the need for robust protection against advanced persistent threats is imperative and urgent.

Automated threat intelligence to ward off advanced persistent threats

Around three quarters of advanced persistent threats posed by email and the Internet take the form of drive-by downloads. Some 20 million known malware versions are in the cyber undergrowth; there is no way of even guessing the number of new versions created every minute. Increasingly, the perpetrators are making efforts to remain under the radar – for example, not taking the form of a file, and residing undetected in volatile memory. APT Protect Pro from T-Systems delivers APT detection and APT protection by leveraging the most advanced commercially available advanced persistent threat partner technologies. The high recognition rate for known and unknown threats is based on two key methods. Firstly, the results of analyzing millions of malware samples and terabytes of data are fed into advanced persistent threat scan routines. Incoming code and files are compared with continuously updated whitelists and blacklists. And, secondly, new, suspicious code and files are immediately and automatically executed in a virtual machine-based sandbox, and then evaluated. The result is a constantly growing pool of cyber security knowledge, and a constantly shrinking volume of data to be examined. Diverse APT Protect Pro solutions and options give organizations a broad choice of weapons in the fight against advanced persistent threats: from simple rapid detection to delivery of “scrubbed” documents, to concerted actions on the part of T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom security experts. All advanced persistent threat protection solutions are modular in design, vendor-agnostic, and can be integrated into SOC/SIEM (Security Operations Center/Security Information and Event Management processes.

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