DDoS attacks are becoming more prevalent – companies can protect themselves threefold with T-Systems.

DDoS Protect Pro

Protect yourself against Internet attacks with hostile traffic

  • DDoS Protect Pro provides protection against complex and volume-based DDoS attacks
  • Three protection modules for the most extensive cover possible
  • Cloud Web: from the cloud for local and hosted systems
  • Backbone: in the Telekom backbone for Internet access
  • On Premises: on the customer's premises for the local infrastructure
  • Coupling Backbone and On Premises protection ensures that volume-based DDoS attacks are automatically mitigated
Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Optimum protection measures for overload attacks

DDoS attacks overload Internet connections and the supporting LAN components with large numbers of simultaneous requests. These render web and mail servers inaccessible. If a company’s Internet connection is down, this can quickly cause considerable financial loss. The innovative DDoS Protect Pro service provides fast and reliable support for thwarting DDoS attacks and helps to prevent businesses from being constrained and from suffering revenue losses. The solution consists of three modules and hence covers all types of attacks: against web services, Internet access and the local infrastructure. Companies that want to safeguard their systems and networks as best as they can opt to combine On Premises DDoS Protection and Backbone DDoS Protection. Together they form a stern defense shield against all types of DDoS attacks. Through communication between internal systems and the Telekom backbone, attacks can even be combated automatically. 
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Robust defense against data deluge
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Effective countermeasures directly in the Telekom backbone

What is so special about the protection against attacks provided in the backbone? Only the provider itself can offer this kind of extremely secure service. Security systems, such as a firewall, UTM, IDS/IPS, web security and mail security etc., provide effective protection against most Internet risks but not against volume DDoS attacks. With the premium Backbone DDoS Protection service for Internet access, customers have direct access to Telekom experts 24/7 in order to be able to immediately thwart DDoS attacks. In the event of an attack, the optimum defense method is individually tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Telekom’s Backbone DDoS Protection wins GTB Award 2017

Deutsche Telekom ICSS and its partner Arbor Networks won the coveted Innovation Award at the Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovation Summit & Awards 2017 for DDoS Defense. The award, presented in London on May 23, was in the “Wholesale Service Innovation” category. The judges were particularly impressed with the sophisticated 360-degree service of the comprehensive solution, which focuses on backbone protection but also includes a cloud-based and local security aspect. Deutsche Telekom’s DDoS Defense is a benchmark-setting and extensive solution enabling international companies to foil complex and volume attacks.
Optimal protection for all requirements
Protects web servers and online stores
Cloud Web DDoS Protection is a standardized cloud-based service. It establishes a strong first line of defense and is suitable for any organization that operates a web server or online store – independent of its location.
Scope of service:​​​​
  • Protection of web services (online stores, websites, B2B portals) against application and system attacks
  • Web servers can be located in the customer’s, or any service provider’s, data center
  • Internet traffic is routed via the Cloud DDoS Protection platform
  • Standardized always-on service
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Price depends on bandwidth
Protects Internet access
Backbone DDoS Protection intercepts attacks in the backbone before they can reach the company’s Internet connection and prevents it from becoming overloaded. To use Backbone DDoS Protection, the customer must have Internet access through T-Systems. As it can be difficult to differentiate between a legitimate spike in traffic and a DDoS attack, Backbone DDoS Protection is not usually activated automatically but upon the customer’s request. So as not to lose valuable time, the customer can directly contact the DDoS Protect Pro team which is on hand 24/7.
Scope of service:
  • Protection of network and access bandwidth against volume attacks
  • Security mechanisms: blackholing, filter lists, rate limits, and rerouting via mitigation systems
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Case-by-case service with individual assessment and direct access to the DDoS Protect Pro team
  • Requires Internet access via T-Systems (CompanyConnect, DeutschlandLAN Connect L, DeutschlandLAN Connect IP or IP Transit)
Protects systems and applications
On Premises DDoS Protection offers much more extensive defenses. T-Systems operates the solution in the customer’s data center. On Premises DDoS Protection not only identifies all types of DDoS attacks on both systems and applications, it also protects the local infrastructure.
Scope of service:
  • Detection of and protection against application-based DDoS attacks
  • Safeguards the local infrastructure (web servers, firewalls, VPN gateways, DNS servers, e-payment systems, SAP, etc.)
  • Application-layer (Layer 7) protection
  • Can be tailored to the customer’s infrastructure
  • Around-the-clock operations by T-Systems security experts
  • Technology and defense mechanisms are regularly updated
  • A choice of monitoring or blocking modes


DDoS Protect Pro

Security against volume-based attacks

Don’t let cyber attacks harm your business – Protect your website and content with ICSS‘ DDoS Defense solutions.

There are more options for launching attacks than ever before for DDoS criminals

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Distributed Denial of Service attacks deliberately overload Internet connections and servers in order to crash them. Internet criminals use DDoS attacks, for example against operators of online stores, in order to give their demands more weight during blackmail attempts. However, the attacks are often a red herring designed to divert attention while a separate attack is undertaken to steal company data. As such, no one is off limits for Distributed Denial of Service attackers. Hosting companies, security bloggers and even anti-DDoS service providers can be brought to their knees. Huge amounts of data, 620 gigabit or even up to 1.1 terabit per second can be hacked by attackers using botnets.

Internet of Things now part of the botnet network

Whilst in the past, “only” globally remote computers were hijacked as part of such Distributed Denial of Service attacks, these days attackers are building gigantic IoT botnets that are being constantly improved. Compromised IP cameras and Internet-connected hard drive receivers are now some of the devices that can also be hijacked. Companies that now want to protect their web tools and shops, systems and applications, Internet access and bandwidth, should put their trust in the reliable protection provided by DDoS Protect Pro. It goes far beyond current security systems such as firewalls or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs).

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