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Eavesdropping? No chance! – Encrypt cell phone calls and messages?

Bram Renmans – Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Bram Renmans

Sales Operations & Marketing Manager

Cell phone call encryption and encrypted messages are becoming increasingly crucial. Recent events have shown that sensitive conversations are not always confidential when held over a smartphone. Although continuous improvements in cell phone encryption standards protect networks from unauthorized access, they do not guarantee absolute security in the face of industrial espionage or hacker attacks.
The Mobile Encryption App by T-Systems is an easy-to-use solution for cell phone call encryption and encrypted messages for businesses to ensure maximum security. There is no need for extensive security concepts with special hardware (cryptophones). All you need is the app to start making secure mobile phone calls right away. The application works across all available mobile communications standards and even in WiFi networks without a SIM card. This kind of cell phone call encryption is service-provider independent and available for Android and iOS devices.
Advantages of Mobile Encryption App for ...
  • Use of the strongest cell phone encryption procedures currently on the market with redundant encryption via two algorithms
  • Encryption architecture comprises 4,096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, man-in-the-middle protection, AES256 and Twofish
  • Keys are not saved
  • Cross-platform solution for Android and Apple iOS operating systems
  • Works in LTE, GPRS, 4G, 3G, 2G and Wifi networks
  • Low bandwidths of only 4.8 kbit/s
  • Intuitive app that is easy to integrate into your current infrastructure
  • IP-based transmission structure on high-availability servers at Telekom data centers in compliance with German security standards
  • Verifiable source code makes it possible for your specialists to run checks
  • Developed by the Berlin-based company GSMK, a technology leader for mobile voice and messaging encryption
  • Cell phone call encryption and encryption of messages for less than EUR 20 per month and device
  • Protected user groups for conversations and chats using your devices of choice
  • Can be used in any network also in areas with limited service
  • Cost transparency thanks to monthly service billing
  • No investment costs
  • Keep your current mobile communications contracts
  • Secure communication made in Germany

How the cell phone call encryption works

Mobile Encryption App
The app generates an individual key each time the app is used. This individual key encodes the conversation or message. The key expires immediately after you hang up. It is exclusively in the hands of the user at all times and making it completely independent of your service provider. This approach to cell phone call encryption makes electronic eavesdropping (also called “man-in-the-middle” attacks) impossible. The app also encrypts and stores contact information, messages and texts, assigning them a password as well, just as if they were in a secure container.
Phone calls are made through the application via IP (Internet Protocol). The IP-based transmission structure is run on high-availability servers at Telekom data centers and in compliance with German security standards. The Mobile Encryption App encrypts communication with a bandwidth of 4.8 kbit/s. That makes it possible to encrypt cell phones in remote areas with GSM networks, too.

Double cell phone encryption technology

The Mobile Encryption App uses the strongest encryption methods currently available on the market. The solution encrypts communication using two algorithms that work side-by-side. That protects conversations from electronic eavesdropping and makes it impossible to identify who you are talking to. Cryptologists predict that this method of double cell phone encryption will not be penetrated any time soon.
Mobile Encryption App by T-Systems
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