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UCC Cloud strengthens social collaboration

Productive in the home office: so you can work flexibly at any time, from anywhere

Mobile working has never been so productive

More and more employees are working on the go – and they can be contacted flexibly at any time and from anywhere in the world in their home office if required: With the powerful Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) solution, work processes can be organized more efficiently in the office, on the road, or from home. 

So that no meeting has to be canceled:

Audio, video & web conferences with Webex for the highest demands. Immediately usable. 90 days free: for 100 users including the integration of other external partners and customers.

Spontaneous project meeting at the push of a button

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Mobile communication solutions reduce travel costs for companies. Employees can coordinate activities directly with each other and make decisions that are important for their work. This also allows them to increase productivity from their home office. The real-time communication is scalable for the employer – different UCC offers can be used depending on company size, number of users, and security requirements. 

Project access any time, from anywhere

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Employees must be able to access applications and the required content from any end device, even outside the office. Whether notebook, tablet, or smartphone, T-Systems professionally converts the preferred medium for real-time communication into a virtual workplace.

Depending on requirements, the project room participants can use internationally available messaging, audio, web conferencing, and video conferencing systems via the UCC Cloud. And they don't need to use a specific manufacturer: T-Systems works with leading corporate partners such as NFON, Unify, Swyx, Microsoft, and Cisco.

T-Systems advises companies in detail

This enables participants to identify the best platform for their needs. In order to achieve the goals in the best possible way and make the work more effective, the requirements must be clarified: Does optimal cooperation and customer communication require telephony that is subject to high peak loads? Is there a need for a modern video conferencing system with file sharing for the participants? Do external employees and partners have to be involved in the project?

Companies can quickly and easily adapt IP-based communication to their current needs. In addition to functionality, data protection also plays a decisive role at work: thanks to highly secure cloud data centers, no third party has access to the sensitive real-time communication of the virtual project rooms. 

UCC Cloud details

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UCC Cloud powered by NFON – highly functional voice solution

The clou: voice becomes an application in the cloud. So the customer no longer needs his own voice network. There is also an interface to the public networks. This allows many conversations to be held simultaneously in real time during the video conference.

UCC Cloud powered by BroadSoft – the all-round carefree package

A traditional UCC solution with extensive functionality for all participants: the package offers hosted PBX, unified messaging, mobility presence, and, of course, audio and video calls and conferences from the BroadCloud.

UCC Cloud powered by Cisco Webex – the powerhouse

Collaboration is the big thing here: in the virtual project room, employees use video telephony and conferences with whiteboarding as well as messaging and file sharing of the highest quality.

All offers at a glance

The cloud makes it possible

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In a world of digital upheaval, collaboration between employees, customers, and partners is becoming increasingly important. This is especially true for companies with home office solutions and multiple locations. Real-time forms of communication such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Snapchat have long been part of everyday life in society. Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) is defined as a complete package consisting of mobile phones, calendars, email plus status displays, messaging, web conferences, and video for real-time communication. Which means you can work more effectively than ever before.

UCC is increasingly optimizing mobile teamwork across locations. The central IP-based communication integrates business processes seamlessly and in so doing accelerates decision-making and processes. What's more, operation in the cloud provides cost transparency. High investment costs and license fees are dispensed with as well as expenses for unused functions: Resources dynamically adapt to the actual demand and are billed accordingly.

Companies no longer have to buy special hardware or software for their employees or maintain a conference room. They utilize temporary services from the private or public cloud. T-Systems takes care of infrastructure management and integration services. Even specific workstations can be configured according to the needs of individual employees.

The benefit for the company: costs and resources are optimized.

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