Top rankings for the Internet of Things

Dec 17, 2015

German Leader
Excellent prospects for Deutsche Telekom in the areas of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things: The Experton analysts see Telekom among the top providers in five categories which means they see them in the “German leadership” position.
Experton has published the first vendor benchmark for "Industry 4.0/IoT 2016. Experton counts digital production and logistics via connected machines and product components to Industry 4.0., whereas IoT stands for connected products that digitalize customer service and product use.
According to Experton, Deutsche Telekom achieves high scores in the IoT platforms, IoT and Industry 4.0 consulting categories, as well as in the machine and plant construction, automotive, transportation and logistics industries, plus Industry 4.0 data analytics. The analysts certify Telekom a "highly attractive product and service portfolio, along with a strong, pronounced market and competitive position."
Anette Bronder, Managing Director of the Digital Division at T-Systems, believes that Deutsche Telekom is well on its way to be the strategic and opinion leader around all IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0. topics. "We've reorganized and realigned ourselves internally to push our growth topics specifically ahead. As solutions for IoT are very complex, we are also building a comprehensive partner ecosystem, to develop ourselves to a complete provider with end-to-end service. "The Experton analysts confirm this view: "All in all Deutsche Telekom has met with the Digital Division also the organizational arrangements, which are necessary to respond to the user needs successfully."

Strong among platforms

The Experton vendor benchmark sees Telekom's strength in the IoT platform category. With its "Connected Industry/DT IoT Platform", Telekom offers a high- performance, modular, end-to-end (E2E) solution. No other vendor can present so many and well-known references in the German market. In this area Telekom is playing its native, local strengths in terms of performance, security and connectivity.
Experton also certifies Telekom's industry expertise in the machine and plant construction, automotive, transportation and logistics sectors. Especially in the automotive industry, based on the portfolio, the analysts see a high attraction and competitive strength. Deutsche Telekom is expanding its telematic business for connected cars through a collaboration with a well known German manufacturer and is working as a data aggregator for three OEMs around the topic "autonomous driving".

Predictive analytics

In the logistics industry, Telekom scores with solutions in telematics as well as in track-and-trace domain and several IoT references. One showcase project is the "optimization of cargo turnover processes at the Port of Hamburg. By integrating all data, the system can generate recommendations automatically for the dispatchers and drivers, based on real-time information (predictive analytics), or calculate an intelligent, truck-specific navigation," says Experton.
In the data analytics category, the analysts see the advantages for the Telekom regarding to secure transmission channels, secure data centers and the "German cloud". In this area, Telekom can present a wide variety of practical projects from nearly all supply chain segments and can show its consulting expertise and own technological developments.

Deutsche Telekom counts to the digital transformation champions

Besides, the Experton Group has analyzed its relevant six vendor benchmarks 2015-including the current Industrie 4.0/IoT Benchmarks. According to this Benchmark-survey, not even ten per cent of the 585 providers in the German speaking area (DACH-area) are able, to support the digital Transformation in at least three out of six IT-disciplines: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of things/Industrie 4.0, Mobile Enterprise, Social Business and Next Generation Security. Only seven providers can accompany their business customers strategically and tactically across all disciplines. According to Experton, the Deutsche Telekom counts to these seven digital transformation champions and offers its customers a “full IT business transformation”.