Top Multi-IoT Platform and starter kits

Oct 24, 2016

The latest 2017 Experton Vendor Benchmark for Industry 4.0/the Internet of Things shows: Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading providers in these fields.
2017 vendor benchmark by Experton confirms Deutsche Telekom’s claim of top provider.
The Experton Group categorized Deutsche Telekom as Leader Germany in six categories: It received top ratings for the new multi-IoT service platform (MISP), Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for IoT, industrial big data analytics, IoT starter kits for condition monitoring & tracking and maintenance and its IoT industry focus in the automotive industry (Connected Car) and logistics segment.

Open IoT platforms and strategic alliances ensure success

IoT Platforms
The multi-IoT service platform (MISP) is an open platform with approx. 125 connectors – called stacks – to other platforms and partner offerings. Experton points out the benefit for customers: ‘The best-of-breed approach lets customers access different IoT platforms from partner firms depending on the use case and get everything delivered from a single source based on Deutsche Telekom's end-to-end (E2E) concept.’ Telekom's strengths in this context include connectivity and data management – especially when it comes to scalability, performance, security, data analytics and machine learning. In addition, Deutsche Telekom provides comprehensive consulting services and system integration.

Starter kits as an introduction to the IoT

IoT starter kits from Deutsche Telekom for condition monitoring and tracking (Cloud of Things) and predictive maintenance provide an easy introduction to the Internet of Things and to the connected production and working world. According to Experton, they cover the entire value chain and underscore the end-to-end approach of Telekom subsidiary T-Systems, providing all the necessary elements from hardware and M2M connectivity to IoT back-end in the cloud from a single source.

Predictive maintenance as a key use case

The predictive maintenance starter kit uses data from condition monitoring with the help of data analytics tools. In doing so, it can estimate more accurately the moment a component is likely to become defective. Prompt replacement is thereby much easier to schedule. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum or can be completely prevented if maintenance is performed while the equipment is not being used.
Analysts from the Experton Group consider analytics for predictive maintenance the most important use case in the context of IoT/I4.0. As a result, Deutsche Telekom was also categorized as ‘Leader Germany’ in the Industrial Big Data Analytics category. The company is also able to present numerous references and practical use cases. A key factor here, too: an extraordinarily comprehensive range from a single source.
Another asset: Telekom offers both superior level IoT and IPaaS solutions. With iPaaS, IoT can be integrated and used in other cloud platforms or on-premise applications. Experton analysts even see use cases for this ranging from automobiles, cargo and other mobile items as a true USPs for Deutsche Telekom.

Industry solutions for automobile and logistics

Consulting and Integration/Connected Cars
Telekom also scores with a versatile range of products and solutions, consulting and integration expertise and strong customer references with regard to dedicated use cases, including Connected Car and industries such as logistics. According to the Experton Group, the company has a high degree of recognition and adresses customers ranging from SME to international conglomerates. In the automobile industry, Telekom ‘has very close ties with the three largest German OEM and their supplier networks in IT development and digitization’. In the logistics industry, Experton points out that Telekom offers a ‘very multifaceted portfolio – from connectivity to fleet management, container management, track & trace solutions through to a complete solution for the automated shipping of suitcases for consumers.’