Global network – greater reach by network marriage with BT

Jun 20, 2017

Embracing the world together: T-Systems improves its own network coverage thanks to the partnership with BT.
T-Systems and British Telecommunications (BT) are committed to seamless connectivity for their customers: They will connect their MPLS networks with each other in future and intensify their existing partnership.
This move will enable T-Systems to access the UK company’s network platform so as to network its customers’ locations in many, additional countries faster and in better quality. “In future, it will not only be expertise and quality that speak in favor of T-Systems,” says Reinhold Wiesenfarth, Senior Vice President, TC Portfolio Management at T-Systems, “but also greater international reach” – a genuine advantage for customers expanding globally. The deal will particularly benefit customers who do business in America or Asia.
The global network coverage of the T-Systems MPLS platform and so network services will grow to include BT’s footprint in around 190 countries. BT hopes to improve utilization of its own infrastructure capacities as a result of the deal.
Network – the base of digitization
The nicest cloud or digitzation solution? Not without the network. Be it landline or mobile. But how?

Interfaces on three continents

Here is how the deal works: The two companies link their networks by creating powerful interfaces, termed network-to-network interfaces (NNIs). Both networks are linked to each other via three redundant network interconnections. They deliver a total capacity of 60 Gbit/s between the two backbones and are provided physically on three continents: in the U.S. (Chicago and New York), in Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Frankfurt and Paris). That reduces data throughput times, for example.

Analysts praise the power of the network

Analysts have already given a very positive assessment of the agreement. The American market research firm GlobalData praises the partnership with BT, since the Telekom subsidiary’s greater geographical reach also enables UCC services to be offered at new locations. The Experton Group likewise emphasizes that the network of the Bonn-based group has a global connection and, via the NNIs, is linked to providers that cover most of the world.
The network cooperation between T-Systems and BT is based on an existing partnership. Just back in December 2016, the two companies reached an agreement that allows BT customers to connect up to data centers of T-Systems in order to access SAP cloud services.