T-Systems offers a cloud solution for car dealers based on Salesforce

Mar 18, 2015

CeBIT Salesforce
At CeBIT, T-Systems is presenting the first solution developed by its partnership with Salesforce. Showroom Proximity is a component of the automotive platform Customer Experience Management (CEM). It connects car dealers, service centers, vehicles and customers while improving service.
Thirty interested customers, five sales consultants: On weekends, sales consultants working in many car and motorcycle showrooms hardly have the time to provide any personal and detailed information to the large number of potential customers who drop by. These are missed opportunities. And for good reason: drivers' loyalty to a brand has dramatically fallen over the years – the lifelong car brand has become a thing of the past. Furthermore, today's car buyers visit a dealer only an average of 1.7 times before they pick out a vehicle. Car dealers who let this ever-so brief opportunity slip through their fingers will quickly lose a customer.

Individual service for car customers

In spite of declining customer loyalty and the broad array of digital information: Customers still want to receive individual assistance. Dealers who are determined to create loyal customers must provide even better assistance at the right point in time. With Customer Experience Management (CEM), T-Systems offers a cloud solution based on the Salesforce CRM platform to provide individual automotive services. It is a platform that intelligently analyzes customer data and facilitates a targeted conversation with the customer.

iBeacon transmits vehicle data

The small transmitter iBeacon opens the door to customers in the showroom. Using Bluetooth technology, it transmits such vehicle data as pictures, videos or documents to an app on smartphones and tablets. When a potential customer walks up to a vehicle, he or she can use the app to learn all about the car – using text, photo galleries and videos. Financing and leasing packages can also be directly calculated. Test drives can be arranged as well. In addition, interested customers can provide their contact data and receive a personal offer. When the dealership is closed, iBeacon works on the showroom window.

Selling more new cars

With the solution's help, the dealership receives personalized information about interested customers who left the showroom unobserved after they were unable to speak with an available sales consultant. The dealer sees how a particular interested customer responded to a particular vehicle and can then contact this individual directly. Initial trials have shown that dealers can use this solution to boost their new-car sales.

Positive service experience at the dealership

Roughly half of auto dealership customers jump ship once their vehicle warranty expires. One reason: intransparent and poor service processes. About 20 percent of customers can be kept if car dealers proactively bring them into the service process. This can be achieved by using another CEM solution, the Service Check. When a vehicle is brought in for service, a tablet is used to register it. The service assistant will document damage to the vehicle by taking pictures with the tablet's camera. The assistant can also provide the price of the service by using the price list stored in the computer. If the customer accepts the price, the assistant can transmit the work order directly into the dealer system. The Service Tracking module helps dealers monitor the current status of a work order and know where the vehicle is located on the company's site.