IoT-services convince with end-to-end approach

Oct 6, 2016

A recent study by Machina Research shows that Deutsche Telekom is among the top players in the international IoT market.
 Integrationsleistungen aus einer Hand sind laut Machina Research herausragende Merkmale des IoT-Angebots der Deutschen Telekom
Network, integration and consulting services from a single source: These are outstanding features of Deutsche Telekom's IoT portfolio, says a current international Internet of Things (IoT) benchmark set by Machina Research. Deutsche Telekom combines like no other telecommunications provider IoT service packages of connectivity, cloud, security, data analysis and machine learning for highly differentiated offerings, say the authors of the market research study. "Customers benefit from highly scalable, secure, end-to-end solutions based on state-of-the-art technology," says Godfrey Chua, Principal Analyst at Machina Research and author of the study ‘Internet of Things (IoT), Communications Service Provider Benchmarking 2016'. Deutsche Telekom is a serious contender in the global race of telecommunications providers for leadership in the IoT market, he noted.

Renowned IT and industry partners

The IoT benchmark, which resulted from analysts closely scrutinizing 17 international providers, highlights many of Deutsche Telekom's other strengths, alongside its end-to-end approach and its more than 1,400-strong security team. It states that Deutsche Telekom offers a robust multi-IoT service platform, cultivates strategic partnerships with other telecommunications providers and well-known IT and industry partners, and already has vertical IoT industry solutions at its disposal.
"The benefits of IoT applications are really only felt when companies use them not only as stand-alone solutions, but also integrate them into existing IT architectures so that they can support and improve business processes in the long term," says Anette Bronder, Director of T-Systems' Digital Division. "In response to this, our focus does not lie purely on connectivity. Instead, we collaborate with specialist IT and industry partners like SAP, Cisco, GE, Huawei and Microsoft to offer comprehensive, integrated solutions."

Multi-IoT platform as data hub  

A further strength of the IoT solutions portfolio is the multi-IoT service platform, developed in-house. This brings together the IoT platforms of a variety of well-known providers such as Microsoft Azure and Cisco Fog. "We intend to gradually incorporate more platforms, including from Huawei," says Bronder. "This benefits the customer because they can store data on devices from any manufacturer they like, and process them through a gateway on the platform of their choice. That gives our services maximum flexibility and protects investments in new IoT technologies.”
From Machina Research's point of view, partnerships with international network operators are also important if a company is to be successful in the IoT market. Deutsche Telekom, as member of the Bridge Alliance and the Global M2M Association (GMA), covers 77 countries around the world. In addition, Deutsche Telekom is working hard to drive forward the introduction of new wireless standards. These include Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), LTE Cat-M, and 5G. 
In the benchmark, the analysts also emphasized existing industry solutions with IoT components: for the healthcare market, the energy sector, Smart City and Smart Home, and the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Connected car for BMW and Daimler

In the automotive industry, BMW has installed Telekom HotSpots in some of its own models, which are used to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices without an inbuilt SIM card to the high-speed Internet. This portfolio element was developed in collaboration with BMW ConnectedDrive, through which the company provides numerous services in BMW vehicles.
T-Systems also connects over two million Daimler vehicles across the globe via Daimler’s proprietary connected car platform, and it will continue to operate the existing "Mercedes me connect" services for the next generation of vehicles as well. These services include live traffic information, safety functions such as emergency call, convenience services such as remote control, and infotainment apps like Internet radio and hotel/parking search functions.
In the fields of industrial automation and Industry 4.0, Deutsche Telekom offers solutions for monitoring and tracking machine statuses, and also for predictive maintenance. The "Cloud of Things" solution package encompasses hardware, connection, a special IoT rate, the analysis of data in the Telekom Cloud and the display of results via a web browser.      

Machina Research

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