Starter kits for IoT

Feb 17, 2017

Deutsche Telekom has launched its new IoT bundles, providing companies with easy access to the Internet of Things (IoT).
The plug-and-play starter kit: an end-to-end solution at fixed prices
The plug-and-play starter kit: an end-to-end solution at fixed prices
Simply make it happen. This applies to accessing the Internet of Things. But how? Anyone uncertain of how their company benefit from networking machines and devices will not want to radically overhaul everything and invest in expensive technology. To address the needs of those who just want to dip a toe in the water and gain some initial experience, Telekom and T-Systems offer different IoT entry-level packages. The plug-and-play offers provide customers with end-to-end solutions at fixed prices for each networked machine. The investment costs remain manageable and, if the initial foray is successful, the packages can then simply be upgraded.

New IoT starter kits now available

The new IoT bundles offer predictive maintenance with 360° service. They let companies put their own predictive maintenance packages together according to their specific needs. The price is based on the scope, including storage volume and the number of sensors required, their design as well as the power supply. In addition to the hardware, the end-to-end solutions also include connectivity over Telekom's mobile network. Telekom stores, operates and analyzes the data in a high security data center in Germany and presents it graphically.
New IoT bundle with analysis functions for easy access to the Internet of Things (IoT)
The easy way to digitization: New IoT bundle with analysis functions for easy access to the Internet of Things.
The individual IoT bundles optimize the entire maintenance process: the automated big data analysis of the recorded sensor data not only supports pattern recognition when searching for anomalies, such as wear. It also helps to independently trigger service orders along the entire process chain. A technician can optionally help analyze the data. With this approach, companies are able to schedule specific service windows and reduce expensive machine downtimes.

IoT "Cloud of Things" starter kit for device monitoring

The first IoT bundles are already on the market. Companies can use the "Cloud of Things" starter kit to monitor their machines and devices simply and securely. Various sensors collect data – for example in relation to position, motion, temperature, humidity and vibrations – and send this data to a gateway via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). From there, the information is transmitted virtually in real time to Telekom's "Cloud of Things" online platform. The data is processed here and displayed clearly for the user in a web frontend – i.e. on a tablet, desktop or smartphone. This starter kit continually provides companies with information on the status of their networked machines. They can therefore specify critical thresholds, with alarms being triggered if these thresholds are exceeded or not reached. The portal then automatically sends a message to one or more defined recipients. The "Cloud of Things" starter kit has a one-off cost of €199 (hardware) and a monthly fee starting at €5.95 for cloud services plus data transmission costs over Telekom's mobile network.
Predictive Maintenance
Deutsche Telekom provides all components for end-to-end IoT solutions – a 360° service from hardware and connectivity over operations in highly secure data centers to system integration and consulting. This video explains the unique value proposition for enterprise customers of all sizes through predictive maintenance and shows the value add of Deutsche Telekom.

IoT "Predictive Maintenance" starter kit with Microsoft Azure

The "Predictive Maintenance" IoT bundle supplements the device monitoring functions. The sensor data collected is processed with Microsoft's Azure IoT suite from T-Systems’ Multi-IoT Service Platform (MISP). By automatically analyzing comprehensive usage, status and error data, the "Cloud of Things" recognizes whether machines and devices reach critical states. This way, companies can therefore plan and initiate repairs early on. Predictive maintenance allows savings of 12 percent on repairs and almost 30 percent on maintenance costs. Unplanned and typically expensive downtimes are reduced by 70 percent. The "Predictive Maintenance" IoT starter kit starts at €9.95 monthly per networked machine and is also available as a retrofit solution.