Predictive maintenance

Mar 20, 2015


Whether predictive maintenance or track-and-trace: The dashboard in the M2M portal by T-Systems makes sure companies know the state and position of their goods at all times and lets them manage machines remotely at production sites around the world.
January 10, 1992. Mid-Pacific. Latitude: around 45 degrees north. In a severe storm, a freighter loses three containers. One is filled with around 29,000 plastic ducks, which have since been spreading over the oceans, washing up on beaches in Australia, Indonesia and even South America.

M2M cloud solution with online dashboard

If the Chinese producer of the ducks had the Industry 4.0 solutions by T-Systems more than 20 years ago, the rubber ducky armada may have been spared its fate. At CeBIT, T-Systems presents an M2M cloud solution that makes it possible – among other things – to track information about the position and state of goods at all times. The solution involves equipping containers, freight cars, truck trailers or even individual transported goods with transmitter units. They communicate state and position data to an M2M portal by T-Systems, using a GSM link that works worldwide. A dashboard gives access to all this data.

Remote control and coordination of machines

The track-and-trace function is only one part of the M2M business solution platform. The portal lets companies manage their industrial equipment and machines remotely, at production sites around the world. To do so, they equip the machines with special sensors and radio modules, which record and transmit the state data and which can control certain parameters of the machines. All measured data is transported via an M2M gateway to the cloud, where it is processed and displayed in the web portal dashboard.

Reduce downtimes, cut maintenance costs

Companies know the status of their equipment at all times, thanks to remote diagnostics. They can predict when worn parts of a machine have to be replaced, to avoid unplanned downtimes, or schedule maintenance windows for production-free times. The benefits: fewer local service visits, reduced service and maintenance costs as well as improved machine availability and performance. Remote equipment management can be used in many areas of production, for example, in cooling equipment, ventilation systems, pumps, construction machinery, engines and generators.
The supply of real-time information in production will revolutionize production-control systems. Machine management can be organized centrally. Predictive maintenance enables companies to react to changes in the supply chain efficiently and proactively. Outages can be minimized, business processes optimized and new business models developed.

End-to-end service with low up-front costs

The M2M solution by T-Systems enables end-to-end digitization along the entire value chain. T-Systems supplies all the modules of the solution as services: sensors, radio modules, data transmission, cloud platform and dashboard. As a result, the up-front costs are minimal. T-Systems runs the solution on secure cloud infrastructure in German data centers. The data link is protected against external access, which means data cannot be manipulated or stolen. Unauthorized access to the machines is not possible, either.