Individual mobilization with the Mobile AppFactory

Apr 26, 2016

Mobility opens new opportunities for companies, but the execution is complicated. With the Mobile AppFactory, T-Systems enables mobilization from a single source.
The Mobile AppFactory from T-Systems offers individual mobility solutions for companies.
The continued advance of digitization is radically changing the way we work, dissolving the borders between business and personal life. Thanks to mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs and wearables, employees can now work anywhere, at any time – during time spent waiting at airports, for example, or in field service on the way to a customer. According to a study by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), one in five employees in Germany already uses mobile business apps.


Mobility opens up new opportunities to optimize processes at companies. After all, the features of mobile devices have long enabled far more than just receiving e-mail and organizing calendar appointments. There are many possible use cases: presentations and business documents can be retrieved on the go, for example, and customer relationships can be optimized with mobile CRM systems. The mobilization of work processes also reduces the load on sales and service employees: mobile devices make it possible to coordinate external assignments optimally and replace paper-based processes.


In addition, the increasing use of wearables – such as smartwatches – is improving productivity. Given the right apps, for example, field service employees can complete their orders even more quickly. Smartwatches deliver new assignments to employees, signaled by a vibration alarm. In addition, the watch grants access to security areas. It also improves occupational safety: in an emergency, a smartwatch can even save lives. Its sensors detect anomalies in vital signs and send an alert directly to the back office. As a result, assistance can be dispatched to the employee quickly.


Mobilization presents companies with numerous technical hurdles, however – for example, managing the wide variety of device types and operating systems. That's why T-Systems plans, develops and implements custom-tailored mobility solutions for companies as a one-stop shop – including the initial concept, consulting, app development through our in-house AppFactory, back-end integration and operation of the solution – either on premise, in Deutsche Telekom's ultra-secure data centers or in the cloud.