PAC study backs the AI strategy of T-Systems

May 8, 2018

T-Systems is well positioned with its strategy for artificial intelligence, according to a new PAC study. Ninety-two percent of decision-makers are looking for a cloud provider who can help carry out their AI strategy, and 85 percent want a system integrator with AI expertise.
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The survey of 240 European companies in a range of different industries found that 25 percent of the responding companies rated artificial intelligence (AI) as strategically important. The figures demonstrate that AI solutions offer specific benefits for companies: 53 percent of the surveyed companies view technology as an important way to optimize and automate business processes. Investments in the technology enable companies to automatically plan and manage their supply chains better (91 percent), enhance cybersecurity (83 percent), better detect and prevent fraud (78 percent) and facilitate predictive maintenance (75 percent). Furthermore, the marketing department can gain a better understanding of customers’ attitudes by using AI to help analyze social media content and e-mails (74 percent).

Preferred partner of cloud providers and system integrators

In their search for efficient support and advisory services that they can use to develop and apply a successful AI strategy, the surveyed IT decision-makers expressed a preference for cloud providers (92 percent) and system integrators with AI expertise (85 percent) as partners. Both needs are core qualities of the independent technology provider T-Systems. The company draws on this basis to select the best complete solutions to take on the challenges faced by its customers. T-Systems has broad experience in the implementation of projects involving artificial intelligence. To fully tap the potential of the technology, an understanding of business processes and models is just as critical to a project’s success as the technology itself.


Even though many IT decision-makers have recognized the strategic relevance of AI technology for their companies, the PAC study identified the challenges that still must be tackled. These challenges involve legal and compliance issues as well as inadequate processes and hurdles in the corporate culture.
Furthermore, companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland lag behind other regions in terms of AI. Even though 25 percent of respondents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland believe that the technology is strategically important for their future business, only 10 percent of the companies are already using the relevant tools and technologies. However: 52 percent of decision-makers stated that they planned to make their initial move to artificial intelligence in the next two years.
Simple use cases help to quickly produce initial successes. As a result, companies can gain experience with the new technology step by step and overcome challenges related to it.