Mobile applications increase productivity

Oct 13, 2014

Mobile Anwendungen
Companies can use mobile applications to speed up processes, content sharing and collaboration and employees can access with applications on the go. All you need to do is effectively integrate your mobile business into your corporate ICT processes.
According to studies conducted by IDC, more than every second employee (57 percent) spends at east part of their work time at trade fairs, customer appointments or on business trips, in other words: not at the office. It goes without saying that sales and service employees as well as managers thereby want to be able to access the latest, business-relevant information on their mobile end-device without having to waste time logging on or authenticating their identity. At the same time, the importance of IT at businesses continues to grow, making it essential to be able to access Salesforce, SAP, e-mail programs, etc., on the go.

Powerful mobile applications require a strategy

Businesses need to be open to the IT mobilization process. A study conducted by security provider Symantec found that three-fourths of all companies saw increased productivity after equipping their employees accordingly. And the IT industry association Bitkom discovered that the availability of mobile work tools actually does improve their use on business trips. What’s more, over half the employees who use mobile end-devices at work also use them on the go.
However, a comprehensive mobile strategy needs to be put in place before these tools can be used. This strategy needs to include mobile device management, “clean” system integration of mobile applications, setting up comprehensive security mechanisms, developing an app store and, ideally, a cloud-based platform for the entire spectrum of application life-cycle management processes. The mobile applications also need to be incorporated into a polished security concept where administrators can do things like delete sensitive data remote if a device is lost.

Increased productivity thanks to mobile applications

Coming up with a strategy makes it possible to effectively tap employee productivity on the go. A study conducted by the corporate consulting firm Litmus Group found that developing an effective mobile strategy can increase the time spent being productive by a group of field staff from 18 to 80 percent. In other words, less paper thanks to digitalized processes, no media discontinuity, faster billing processes and improved on-site customer service.
Productivity can also be increased when mobile applications are effectively integrated throughout the ICT landscape and at the company so that employees can make better use of their work environment.