Intelligent service center

Mar 9, 2017

Flexible cloud platform for company-wide, end-to-end IT and business processes. The advantage: transparency thanks to a full overview of the complex process landscape.
The service management software ServiceNow from Telekom’s German cloud meets strict compliance requirements.
Around three weeks. This is how long it takes in some companies for new employees to complete the entire onboarding process – from creation of their profile, setup of a new e-mail address, to installation of the ordered IT at their workplace. Why does a seemingly simple and frequently required process take so much time? Because there has not been any end-to-end solution for enterprise service management. From now on, however, there is a very simple one, from the cloud. It not only works for Human Resources, but also for many other company divisions, such as Finance, Facility Management or IT.

ServiceNow from the German cloud

With ServiceNow, T-Systems offers the service management software from a high-security data center in Germany – and so comply with the very strictest compliance requirements. Up to now, they have been a reason for many companies not to use service management from the cloud. Since it is operated in the German cloud, ServiceNow itself does not have any access whatsoever to the data. T-Systems is responsible for the operation of the solution as well as the support – entirely from Germany. Since the solution meets strict German data protection regulations, it is also suitable for insurance companies, banks and health insurance funds, which traditionally have high compliance requirements relating to the use of sensitive business and customer data.

Digitized, automated processes

Up to now, many organizations have used different tools and methods to control company-wide processes and services. There is no end-to-end service-oriented architecture. Complex processes are arduous and expensive. ServiceNow specializes in simplifying such processes and making them more efficient and user-friendly. The service specialist digitizes and automates complete business processes.

Service requests without media discontinuity

The components of the ServiceNow platform
© ServiceNow
Using a central platform, companies manage all types of service requests without media discontinuity – and avoid mistakes that arise as a result of data originating from different sources, such as notes, e-mails, phone calls or chats. All the connected systems and processes are shown transparently in the self-service portal as well as on mobile devices.

Lower costs – rapid ROI

With ServiceNow from the cloud, T-Systems caters for a growing market. This is because service management is at the very top of the agenda of IT decision-makers. The reasons: a 2016 study by Research in Action reveals the growing interest of companies in a holistic view of all company assets; in addition, their decision-makers want to automate business processes. ServiceNow from the cloud may be the solution that suits them perfectly: In a study by IDC, users of the cloud-based service management solution state that they have benefited substantially from ServiceNow, in the shape of average savings of 36.8 million US dollars and a return on investment (ROI) of 449 percent.