SIP trunking for Europe

Jul 19, 2017

With Corporate SIP International, companies can centralize their telephone lines throughout Europe
SIP trunking brings locations in Europe together: with “Corporate SIP International”, companies can use a centralized SIP gateway for telephony purposes.
Companies have had centralized e-mail servers for a long time now – even if their locations are spread across Europe. Although centralized e-mail systems are now standard, most companies still have locally operated telephone systems and telephone lines. Companies can now manage their telephony more easily throughout Europe: with the new „Corporate SIP International“ SIP trunking solution. After all, Voice over IP (VoIP) treats even voice communication as a classic application in the data network. If companies switch to a centralized SIPgateway and a centralized TC or unified communication and collaboration infrastructure, telephony becomes much more scalable. As a result, companies require much less infrastructure for SIP trunking and can increase their operational and data security. “These benefits are multiplied if telephone lines or SIP trunks are centralized not only in one country but also across a number of countries,” said Hanno Wirth, Voice Services & Marketability TC.

Centralized SIP gateway for Europe

The solution: the new “Corporate SIP International” offering from T-Systems. The Telekom subsidiary has offered a centralized SIP gateway for 18 European countries* since the beginning of July. Customers can access up to 50,000 voice channels in the public telephone network of the relevant countries. With the centrally managed, network-based and redundant Enterprise Session Border Controller (ESBC), T-Systems provides a wall which protects customers again attacks from outside networks.  

Opportunities to optimize telephony

Centralized services make life easier for IT departments: with “Corporate SIP International”, IT staff can centrally manage all external voice channels on a company-wide basis. Individual locations merely need a connection to the company VPN – dedicated telephone lines are no longer needed. With SIP trunking, companies will need far fewer external voice channels to the telephone network in the future. This is because internal calls are handled by the company network and the locations share the available voice channels. Thanks to the centralized SIP gateway, companies only require a single provider for the data and voice network and a framework agreement for all countries. All processes are standardized between countries. There is a fixed price per voice channel which is the same for all countries.

Expanding the offering to other countries

Important: The offering is a complete, regulation-compliant public switched telephone network (PSTN) substitute. All local telephone numbers remain the same and emergency calls can still be assigned locally. This is because each country is given its own “logical” SIP trunk. This ensures that companies can comply with the relevant national laws. The solution is particularly suitable for IntraSelect customers with numerous telephone lines and locations connected via MPLS. The offering is currently available for 18 European countries. However, it will gradually be expanded to include more countries and continents.

* Last revised 07/2017: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Slovakia, Finland, Luxembourg.