Data room deluxe: "Versiegelte Cloud"

Mar 23, 2017

With "Versiegelte Cloud" service (German for “Sealed Cloud”), Deutsche Telekom provides companies a high-security web service (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS) that can even be used by lawyers and doctors.
Telekom bietet hochsicheren Datenraum für Online Zusammenarbeit an
Thanks to partner Uniscon GmbH's "Versiegelte Cloud" solution, in March 2017 Deutsche Telekom will begin offering customers a sealed data room in the cloud that can be used to share sensitive data and documents securely and in compliance with legal regulations as well as chat in a highly secure environment. No software roll-out is required for the solution. All you need is a standard browser. "Versiegelte Cloud" complies with the highest security requirements for business critical projects and processes. The service is as easy to use as Dropbox or WhatsApp, the popular consumer cloud storage solutions which, however, leave questions unanswered for many EU citizens when it comes to data privacy. Your company secrets are safe with "Versiegelte Cloud" and risk of liability is minimized.

Patented technology

"Versiegelte Cloud" is based on the Sealed Cloud technology developed by Uniscon in collaboration with the AISEC Fraunhofer institute. The technology is patented in the EU and the US. The basis for the high-security data room is an electromagnetically sealed rack system and a strong encryption solution at a German data center operated by Deutsche Telekom.
"Versiegelte Cloud" can also be used for data transfer, chats and scheduling of appointments in matters designated as "confidential" or "highly confidential."

Hermetically sealed

Access to the data in the data center from the outside is technologically impossible thanks to patented access protection, the electromagnetically sealed rack system mentioned earlier. The operating system has additionally been tempered and blocks all external access. The service generally refuses any commands issued from outside and the only information that leaves the system are status reports. This provides unique protection of content and connection information.
"Versiegelte Cloud" is in compliance with the requirements set forth under the highest security class (3) pursuant to the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP). TCDP is a list of requirements for certifying trustworthy cloud services and is published under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Huge competitive advantages, low costs

The service will be available as of March 2017. It currently supports iOS and Android. Preparations for Windows and Blackberry are underway. "Versiegelte Cloud" guarantees data privacy and compliance with the law, which is also a tremendous advantage when it comes to your company's image and the competition. And you get all of this at an affordable price. The service even pays for itself in one to two months.