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Best Practice: Putting the brakes on car hacking.
Podcast: No chance for car hackers
Best Practice: Putting the brakes on car hacking.
They were long the last redoubt of the unconnected world. These days cars have become computers on wheels with Internet access.  That puts them in cross hairs of hackers. The auto industry understands the risk – and is equipping its products to withstand cyber attacks.
Best Practice: Drones as pilots and divers.
Navigators and divers
Best Practice: Drones as pilots and divers.
At over 80 million metric tons annually, the Port of Durban is Africa's largest container port. Long waiting times for approaching ships and bottlenecks in the harbor are everyday events. Commissioned by the harbor operator Transnet, T-Systems and its partners developed an ICT solution from a SAP-HANA data base, an LTE network and drones.
Best Practice: Controlling companies in real time.
Podcast: Controlling companies in real time
Best Practice: Controlling companies in real time.
SAP users are divided: while some see S/4HANA as strategically important for their companies, others view the system as merely a new ERP release. SAP S/4HANA makes it possible to control business processes in real time and bring in new business models and customer services. RUD, a manufacturer of anti-skid chains for cars and commercial vehicles, has seen the system for itself.

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In our podcast we focus on digitization. The individual installments look at best practices from a range of sectors and how different innovative technologies are being used.
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