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EuroShop 2017 – New dimensions in commerce

March 5 – 9, 2017 | Düsseldorf

Those hoping for a glimpse of the commerce of tomorrow should already have their tickets for EuroShop 2017 in their pocket. At the world’s largest retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, some 2,500 international exhibitors will present the new dimensions in commerce brimming with life and experiences.
The stand of Deutsche Telekom and its partners Huawei and Wirecard is sure to offer innovation-focused retailers just what they are looking for. Its motto: “Simple. Digital. Selling. Experience the future of commerce.” promises a comprehensive range of digitization solutions for commercial companies.

Supported from home to the store

EuroShop 2017 – Simple. Digital. Selling. Experience the future of commerce.
This year’s appearance puts special emphasis on the needs of modern consumers for individual, digital communication and custom-tailored offerings. To achieve this, offline and online shopping must be linked with the proper technology. The exhibits presented by Telekom at the fair showcase innovation highlights along this customer journey.
Among its solutions are the digital voice assistant and chatbots (conversational commerce), which let consumers place an order at home to be picked up later in-store, for instance. Once near the store, the customer can, for example, use Mobile Identity & Access on their smartphone to open the gate to VIP parking. Inside the store, customers can take advantage of the free HotSpot to receive customized offers on their phones. An Internet of Things (IoT) goods shelf uses sensors to analyze individual requirements in real time. Cross-channel payment solutions complete the digital customer experience.

Basis for the digital customer journey

In order to give the customer individual and specific support along the entire purchasing process, companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of the technology and processes that have been used in commerce to date. The fair stand will therefore highlight four key retail areas:
  • Know your customers: With big data analysis tools and CRM platforms to compile and analyze customer needs for an individualized approach.
  • Digitization of retail stores: With intelligent, connected components, WiFi and point of sales (POS) solutions to launch new services and streamline work processes.
  • Agile IT: With fast, simple and affordable highly secure cloud solutions, such as the Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Security and data protection: With reliable defense mechanisms against all types of cyber attacks on online stores and payment systems.

Live hacking illustrates risks

The subject of security will be an important focus of this year’s event. Two live hacking scenarios will give visitors a chance to experience the risks posed by cyber criminals and learn how companies can effectively protect themselves from losses. Whether data theft, manipulation of shopping cart processes, door locking systems, freezer cabinets, payment systems or Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS) – vulnerabilities are hidden in the most unexpected places. Visitors to the fair will benefit by finding effective ways to protect themselves.
At EuroShop 2017 from March 5 to 9, 2017 in Düsseldorf, trade visitors will experience live the wide range of Deutsche Telekom products and services, which constitute a unique proposition in the marketplace.
We look forward to receiving your registration and seeing you at our stand.

Highlights in Detail

Customer Journey
It's all about finding the right style: Succeeding with voice-based shopping
Cooking is an adventure. But shopping for the right ingredients is no longer. It’s this easy: The customer is looking for a recipe he’d like to make when friends come to visit. The more exotic it is, the higher the likelihood he’ll forget to buy something when shopping. That’s not the case with a device like Amazon Echo: the customer voices a simple command to the Alexa voice service: “Hello Alexa, I’d like to make a Swabian dish tonight. Can you suggest something?” Of course Alexa can – she suggests Swabian maultaschen, or ravioli, and, if the customer wishes, orders the ingredients at the nearest grocery store. The recipe ingredients are added to the customer's online shop account, the order is created and then marked for delivery or pickup in store by the customer.
Now he just has to make sure he doesn’t burn his fingers while cooking.
The electronic assistant by your side: 24/7 customer service made easy
You’ve already sent your order but need to add a comment or make a change? It’s not a problem with chatbots! Integrated in our standard messenger services such as WhatsApp or Facebook, these can take over fully-automated 24/7 customer service and find the right answers to any question related to products, services and ordering procedures. Not just ingenious for the customer – retailers can breathe a sigh of relief too, now that they can offer a qualified support service around the clock without major service costs. And there's more: The chatbot can also find additional sales potential and offer consumers suitable products or services based on their requests.
It’s the way commerce works today: personal and digital at the same time.
Safe and secure – like magic: Keys and plastic cards were yesterday
Permitting controlled access via mobile communication – digital key management is the growing trend. Compared to physical key management, the benefits are obvious: lower costs, better security, greater flexibility and convenience. Completely new business models are possible, including trunk logistics in the B2C segment or the mobile opening of parking gates. The solution also enables login to logical systems such as customer portals without needing a user name or password. Anything is possible, while being highly secure, contactless and cost-efficient.
Store WiFi: Now an absolute must for customer loyalty
Today's mobile, usually younger target group has high expectations. You can meet these with a WiFi HotSpot. Telekom provides and operates a free, best-in-class HotSpot for its customers. Use of the HotSpot as a marketing tool is included as part of the HotSpot Suite. A white label solution, the interface is customized with your brand and content. A special treat for more extensive, individual offerings: You can use the dashboard to analyze customer behavior, including generating reports. Solution modules: HotSpot Suite, HotSpot Platform, network and network access.
Smart up your location: multimedia content for all
SMultimedia content in seconds: e-papers, e-magazines, brochures, along with films and games delivered to mobile devices in the area? Not only is ContentBoxx ideal for this – it was specifically designed for that purpose. This location-based, WiFi-operated digital distribution system offers more than just time- and location-specific content on mobile devices – it also provides content played back on screens at the point of sale. Content is accessed through a mobile website or mobile app. The scope of service includes setup of an access point and access router to make the smart location a reality.
Sensor controlled: Welcome to the mind of your customer
What does the customer want? How does the customer make decisions? And how will the customer respond to product suggestions and marketing content at the point of sale? The IoT goods shelf provides answers to this and many more questions from retailers and manufacturers. A sensor detects when products are removed from the shelf. Targeted product information is then played back on a screen at the shelf – it's guaranteed to get the attention of your customers and boost interaction. At the same time, sold-out products or those not displayed in store can be ordered through the linked online store. Consulting services can also be offered at the shelf for customers who have more detailed questions on products or services.
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions will consult with you on relevant application scenarios for your business, accompany you from strategy to design, integration and secured operation through to further refinement. In short, support you end-to-end as you move closer toward the mindset of your customers.
Keep that promise of freshness: Transparency as a competitive advantage
Is the banana really ripe when it’s yellow? How long does it need to develop full flavor? And how long will it keep? Is it all just bananas? No; first of all, the same applies to all perishable products. And secondly, a real transparency advantage for the customer is also a real unique selling proposition for the retailer. It allows the customer to verify the fruit's ripeness and the quality promise of the retailer. And at the same time, the retailer can conduct quality inspections right at the source and take quick action if a defect arises in the quality chain.  After all, one's good reputation is on the line. Technically, the system is based on a small spectrometer; data reconciliation via molecular fingerprint and graphic preparation is done in the secure cloud. Where else?
Gain a foothold in e-commerce – flexibly, clearly defined and with low investment
No capacity or too little experience with e-commerce? But you still think a digital sales channel would be an ideal supplement for your portfolio? Then Managed E-Commerce is the right solution for you! While T-Systems Multimedia Solutions takes care of operating your online channel, you can turn your complete attention to your core business. Select your personal Managed E-Commerce modules and get ready for a successful launch.
Customer Analytics
Know who is near your store and when, choose your locations wisely, place advertising effectively
In contrast to online stores, traditional retailers know little about how their customers behave outside the market. Outdoor Analytics provides an in-depth look into the behavior of prospective customers in their environment. The solution that involves the anonymized collection of signaling data complies with stringent German data privacy regulations. Retail applications include, for instance, optimized location search and planning, called location benchmarking, which analyzes visitor frequencies. Wastage of advertising material can also be minimized through the locally optimized use of flyer advertising based on customer and origin analyses. In addition, the solution provides information about the transportation means and traffic routes that customers take to the store.
Well-designed customer relationships: Power from bundling data
Data from marketing interactions, sales meetings and contact inquiries addressed at customer service usually remain where they originate: in the individual marketing, sales and service departments. The potential benefits from interlinking this information are thereby wasted, and the resulting informational structure is silo-like and inconsistent.
The use of a Digital Business Platform takes customer focus to a new level and enables the comprehensive recording and analysis of customer data on one central platform as well as a target-oriented presentation with marketing, sales and support services. Dashboards with strategy-relevant indicators provide a real-time overview of status and results: to monitor success of marketing campaigns, successfully closed deals in sales, or ticket handling in customer service. As a result, retailers and manufacturers alike benefit from a consistent overall view of their customers’ behavior and can respond to that behavior with appropriate strategies and measures.
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions will advise you on the introduction of the platform based on Salesforce and SAP and, in addition to consulting services, can offer components for design, integration, operation and further development.
Digitization of retail stores
Take a comprehensive view of networks in the age of all-IP and digitization
Network technology in retail stores is one of the major challenges for most retailers and store managers. Terms such as all-IP migration, store digitization, free WiFi, network security, special IP services such as fire alarm systems and Electronic Cash raise countless questions when it comes to their implementation. Deutsche Telekom Technical Service provides a complete set of solutions as easy-to-implement answers. These range from HotSpot integration, voice solutions, mobile backups, LAN and Wi-Fi integration through to all-IP migration concepts. What topics would you like to take charge of?
Fit for the future: with state-of-the-art IP-based access technology
Deutsche Telekom will have migrated all standard and universal lines to the new IP technology by 2018. The migration will make the entire network infrastructure much more powerful and, above all, future-proof. The professional transition to the new all-IP world is decisive for sharing data faster and reducing operating costs. Deutsche Telekom provides advice and support, and implements the solution in accordance with individual retail requirements. All-IP is thus sure to be a success story for every store.
React immediately – thanks to 360° transparency for processes and notifications
Would you like to gain complete transparency in all processes? Would you also like to receive and use feedback on lighting, cooling, heating, etc.? Are you also interested in making your store infrastructure more efficient? Smart Store solutions from Deutsche Telekom Technical Service provide you with the basis. You can use them to digitize store infrastructures in the areas of building technology, security and automation, such as empties, freezer cabinets, etc. The package consists of secure and scalable LAN, network and cloud infrastructures with a modular design that can grow with your requirements.
Agile IT and security
Open for your business. Closed for everybody else.
Give your business and IT processes wings. An ideal way to do it is with the easy-to-book cloud. With the Open Telekom Cloud, you get an easy to use, secure, affordable and open public cloud solution that is not just an alternative to American providers, but which can help in many areas to improve agility and flexibility in your core business and quickly implement new business models and processes.
Cybercrime is a constant and present threat: Protect your business!
What would you do if your customer data turned up on all the social media channels tomorrow? How would you react if your business and shopping cart processes were suddenly manipulated? What would happen if your websites were no longer accessible or your data traffic stopped because your network was paralyzed after being bombarded with millions of requests? What would each one of these situations cost you? Don't let it come to that. Discover Magenta Security for your business – including Internet Protect Pro, Mobile Protect Pro and DDoS Prevention. They are backed by an accredited test laboratory, many hundreds of security specialists and the experience and findings of more than 100 security analyses each year.
Attacks on the sensors: When the doors are suddenly opened at night
It isn’t always the central server that modern criminals and hackers are after. Just imagine it’s your connected devices that are being targeted. For instance, your automated door locking systems, freezer cabinets, air conditioning systems, checkouts and payment terminals. Just like data theft, the manipulation of connected devices can result in material losses and significant damage to image. Magenta Security can protect you. Let us show you the solutions.