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How are we writing the digital history tomorrow?

When wisely managed and implemented, digitalization can drastically reduce our environmental footprint – for a sustainable future

New technologies promote climate-friendly growth

11.9 billion

euros worth of climate-related economic damage occurred in 2019 alone.1

1 billion

tons of CO2 emissions could be saved using cloud computing over the next four years.2


of all IoT applications are already helping to achieve sustainability goals.3

Up to 12%

fewer CO2 emissions in the logistics industry by 2025 thanks to digitalization processes.4

Achieving a sustainable city with the cloud

The Gijón City Council selected T-Systems to help it take the first steps toward becoming a smart city. By implementing smart lighting management and using IoT, Gijón was able to achieve energy savings and cost reductions. In doing so, Gijón and T-Systems are creating the basis for further innovations in the future.

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We ought not to miss the opportunity to create an ecologically beneficial upswing with a new start as we emerge from the crisis. Thinking long-term means thinking ecologically: welcome to the new green normal.

Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems GmbH and Board Member of Deutsche Telekom AG

Climate-neutral data centers – just a pipe dream?

Without the cloud, neither digitalization nor the use of innovative technologies for greater sustainability would be possible. But as global data traffic grows, so does the demand for energy. Despite this, green data centers are anything but a pipe dream: by using electricity from renewable sources, operators drastically reduce their carbon footprint. Take Deutsche Telekom in Magdeburg and Biere, for example: the data centers there operate exclusively on renewable energy and consume 30 percent less power than comparable facilities.

How the cloud boosts speed, agility, and innovation

The cloud enables companies to operate more innovatively, flexibly, and sustainably. Read our latest whitepaper to find out about the success factors for successful cloud projects and how to get the most out of your migration.

Our sustainability success stories

Cloud solutions for sustainability

Into a better future together

In the next four years, the cloud has the potential to save one billion tons of CO2 emissions. With sound advice and smart strategic decisions, we will be able to measure and reduce the environmental impact of our actions.⁵
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