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Akamai Technologies is global leader for content delivery networks

The company provides high-performing for content delivery networks (CDN), providing high-performing online data transfer with more than 200,000 server in 140 countries. That enables many users to access online services quickly, reliably, and securely.

Akamai complements our portfolio

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As an Akamai strategic Platinum Partner, T-Systems offers corporate customers the entire solution portfolio. Not only does the partnership increase the online specialist's reach on the European market, it also means that T-Systems' portfolio benefits from the internet pioneer's innovative strength.

High-performing online access for business-critical processes

Demands on online data traffic continue to grow. People expect to be able to access videos and product catalogs quickly and reliably even during high-traffic times, the multi-channel shopping of the future needs to be personalized and more and more objects are communicating online thanks to the Internet of Things. In an increasing number of cases, the value-added chain of a company is linked to the Internet. Take a media company's business processes, for example, which are fully dependent on having a reliable Internet connection. In addition, almost every company today handles their service processes online including customer inquiries, reservations, order processes and complaints. That is why T-Systems began working with Akamai as a new partner in November 2015 order to strengthen the ability of its business customers to tap value potential in terms of global Internet use.

Best-of-breed online applications

Futuristic bridge with steel grid construction

Akamai, whose history is closely linked to the creation of the internet, is particularly specialized in two aspects. The first is web performance and acceleration, which relates to reliability and data traffic speed. The second is providing security when it comes to using cloud-based web applications. T-Systems, on the other hand, brings its excellent network infrastructure and cloud expertise to the partnership.

By combining their areas of expertise within the scope of the Akamai partnership, T-Systems and the US-based market leader are able to provide business-critical online applications more quickly and reliably. Customers can access all services from one source; from consulting services, state-of-the-art technologies, and the highest security standards to implementation and maintenance.

Innovative solutions including end-to-end security

With Akamai as its partner, T-Systems is also planning to develop new products in areas such as security, cloud networking, and hybrid networks. The first joint solution, the Office Connect Internet Accelerator, combines the advantages of highly secure, high-performing, fast MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) technology with an affordable, ubiquitous internet VPN (virtual private network) connection. A T-Systems IPsec tunnel with triple data encryption standard (DES) guarantees end-to-end security and accelerates data transfer. With all of this, the combined strengths of both partners means fast, reliable, secure access to corporate networks.

Your benefits from our partnership with Akamai

  • Quality: maximum access thanks to the 200,000 servers on Akamai's intelligent platform.
  • Speed: maximum performance thanks to optimized cloud networking, regardless of browser, location, device, or network.
  • Security: no outages thanks to high-performing Akamai technology and data security thanks to data encryption solutions provided by T-Systems.
  • Efficiency: slender processes thanks to end-to-end solutions from our one-stop shop.


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