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Do you get excited at the prospect of migrating global businesses’ IT systems to the cloud? Does the challenge of creating robust and failsafe IT systems spur you on to peak performance? Does Big Data, cyber security and IoT set your heart on fire? If so, we can offer you excellent career opportunities, tailor-made for you. Grow with us and help us grow!
Portrait of Stefan Oelschlägel, Lead Recruiter IT Division
Stefan Oelschlägel

Lead Recruiter IT-Division

Who we are

The T-Systems IT Division is a cloud-computing pioneer and trendsetter. Today, this business unit operates the world's largest SAP landscape in a private cloud, supporting businesses around the globe, including major corporations such as Shell, Daimler and BMW. To serve these businesses, we operate internationally and are represented in over twenty countries. Almost 70 per cent of our workforce is based outside of Germany, working with clients from consulting and design to transformation, from computing to operations. Our competences span systems integration, application management, infrastructure services and workstation virtualisation.

Our Solutions

The IT Division focuses on SAP solutions and cloud infrastructure. We are defined by our extensive experience in business transformation and our comprehensive industry expertise, especially in the automotive and manufacturing industries, the public sector and the travel, transport and logistics industries. Our focus here falls particularly on our European customers, who we support, for example, with targeted growth initiatives in the European core markets. At the heart of it all are our exceptionally secure global data centres which, in the case of our locations in Germany, are compliant with the country’s stringent data protection laws. Our most advanced data centre combines more than fifty hardware and software providers under one roof. Those in the know call it the "House of Clouds".

Professional Quality Management

More than ten years of experience in cloud services, unrivalled know-how and exceptional quality: these are the things that set us apart from our competitors. A key point of differentiation is our Zero Outage quality strategy. Over recent years, T-Systems has professionalised these quality management processes even further, making them an integral component of our corporate culture. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why customer satisfaction at T-Systems is so high – and why Zero Outage is now being used as the global blueprint for a cross-sectoral industry standard.
Job opportunities
Vice President Sales New Business
"My team provides new digital solutions for our clients. Our aim is to maximise our customers' success by analysing and understanding their needs. We find the right solutions for the challenges our customers face – for example, how to re-energise their IT operations or how to create a drone shield for data centres or chemical plants. Another part of our job is explaining complex technological issues in a way that's easy to understand and generating support and enthusiasm for new IT solutions."
Executive Project Manager
"When we look after IT systems for DAX corporations, we work across both geographic and technological boundaries. This makes my work so interesting and full of variety – there is really no scope for routine. As a project manager I enjoy the responsibility – for our clients, for budgets and for my teams. It's like being an entrepreneur within an enterprise. Of course, that also means things can occasionally go wrong, but, after all, every mistake is also an opportunity to learn and grow."
Vice President Automotive & Manufacturing Industies
"Digital transformation is changing process and business models. We want to design this change process, while at the same time ensuring IT operations remain stable. Whether it's IT system integration, application management, infrastructure services or virtualised workplaces, we provide appropriate solutions that can meet these challenges. Our experience in business transformation enables us to provide our clients with the best possible support for their digitalisation and cloudification processes."

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