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The TC Division helps companies grow. We connect locations, devices and people – in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. For multinational German companies and international business customers alike, we create business lifelines that are fast, safe and extremely reliable.
Antje Truetsch, Lead Recruiter Public Sector and TC Division
Antje Truetsch

Lead Recruiter Public Sector and TC Division

Who we are

The TC Division pools together the Deutsche Telekom Group’s telecommunications expertise for the benefit of multinational companies based in Germany, as well as international business customers. No matter where they are – whether in New York, London or Reutlingen – we supply data, landline and mobile solutions from a single source with E2E responsibility.
Our cross-border portfolio, cooperation in Deutsche Telekom as well as cooperation with outstanding international partners lead to solutions that set standards in terms of connectivity and security. This is appreciated by public sector organisations in Germany and the EU as well as by scientific and research institutions as well as by well-known companies from the trade, insurance, banking, automotive and manufacturing sectors. A strong partner network expands our expertise and possibilities.

Our Solutions

Our telecommunications portfolio is divided into three categories: connectivity and network access, corporate networks and end-user communication. This includes access services to mobile and fixed high-performance networks and secure, VPN-based corporate networks, such as LAN and WAN, their operation, maintenance and update. T-Systems also offers communication services, such as unified communications, voice-over-IP and video conferencing systems, on both public and proprietary networks. For years, Telekom’s networks have come out top in tests of network coverage, voice quality and data transmission. Our network solutions enable international business locations of any size, individual branches and mobile workers based anywhere in the world to stay connected to their company infrastructure and centralised applications. As a service provider, T-Systems assumes end-to-end responsibility and acts as a single point of contact, thus simplifying network management, even after a platform or technology has been installed.

The shared network alliance

Global businesses require seamless international telecommunications services. Customer demand for integrated landline and mobile services is growing, and T-Systems is working together with network providers from all over the world to meet it.
In 2016, we joined forces with our international partners and set up ngena, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance. From mid 2017, this alliance is offering secure, efficient global services for international business customers. It provides access to a global technological platform – similar to the Cloud – to all participating partners. Strong local providers share their network with everyone else in the alliance. Each member invests in their own network and everyone benefits from the sum of these networks. With this alliance, we empower our customers to access worldwide networks and a new form of independence.
As a mobile network provider T-Systems operates on an equally global scale: with Freemove (Europe), the Bridge Alliance (Asia) and T-Mobile US, we are able to provide our customers with reliable mobile coverage in one hundred countries – and with the world's best 4G connectivity to date.
Global reach for landlines and mobile phones, exceptionally secure data centres, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem, worldwide partnerships, the highest security standards and a motivated team – become part of our network!
Job opportunities
Lead Engineer and Consultant
"As lead architect, I am part of a team that handles the most exciting and complex ICT projects. The responsibility is huge, but the feeling of being able to achieve something is what drives me. New challenges arise all the time – and there aren't many people who would have the confidence to do this job. All the more reason we in the team are delighted to meet new colleagues."
Sonja Hille
Sonja Hille – Project manager capacity planning and steering
Project manager capacity planning and steering
"My team is charged with getting the TC Division fit for the future. We act as a partner for the business when it comes to making processes more efficient, shaping the content of transformation projects, and advising on and steering their implementation. So we are looking for experienced project managers who are always up for a challenge in new areas and can operate in virtual team and project structures."
Executive Program Manager
"When we look after IT systems for DAX corporations, we work across both geographic and technological boundaries. This makes my work so interesting and full of variety – there is really no scope for routine. As a project manager I enjoy the responsibility – for our clients, for budgets and for my teams. It's like being an entrepreneur within an enterprise. Of course, that also means things can occasionally go wrong, but, after all, every mistake is also an opportunity to learn and grow."
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