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Are you passionate about IT security? So are we. This is why we’re on the lookout for experts like you, as we have a whole host of exciting career prospects on offer for IT experts. So if you’re an IT security enthusiast interested in a role as a Cyber Security Consultant, Solution Architect Manager, Cyber Security Expert or Solution Sales Manager, you’re sure to find the perfect job with us. Get in touch!
Portrait of Manuela Behrendt, Lead Recruiter Public Sector
Manuela Behrendt

Lead Recruiter Telekom Security

Telekom Security – Making. Security. Easy.


There is barely a German company that has been spared a cyber attack: 93 percent of medium and large companies have already been on the receiving end of IT attacks. The situation is alarming for those using the Internet in a personal capacity, too: One in two has been a victim of cybercrime. A relaxation of the situation is not expected at any time in the future, according to Telekom’s cybersecurity experts.
That is why we, the market leader for IT security solutions in Germany, continue to invest: Telekom Security bundles the group’s cybersecurity expertise. The products and solutions are aimed both at private and medium-sized customers as well as large companies and range from secure smartphones to secure IT infrastructure.


The totality of all security products and solutions within the Deutsche Telekom group is our “Magenta Security Portfolio”. The underlying maxim in the development of the portfolio is: How can we make security easy? Easy to obtain, easy to operate, easy to use. For everyone: from the private customer and the medium-sized company to a large corporation. Telekom Security represents comprehensive security strategies for companies, organisations and the public sector. Here you will find out more about our solutions and in our reportage of the Security Operations Center we offer you an interesting view behind our modern cyber defense.
Without security, there can be no digitisation: security is the decisive factor in success for industry 4.0, smart cities and more. And data protection is a prerequisite for acceptance on the market. The good thing is that the Magenta Security Portfolio is operated in German data centres and according to German data protection legislation.

Your perspectives

As part of our further trainings, we offer a professional 2.5-year qualification for Cyber ​​Security Professional with IHK degree. Along the daily professional requirements and in project-based work you develop your competences step by step. You work with subject-specific and interdisciplinary education modules in blended learning formats. The relevance of the acquired knowledge can be experienced immediately in your individual project application at your workplace. The acquisition of specialized technical knowledge at the most up-to-date research level is import for us. Professional coaches and learning process companions guide you through the program. The dynamic curriculum is able to respond continuously to changing market requirements.
On the side of business and the public sector in Europe

On the side of business and the public sector in Europe

Sales are our top priority! At Telekom Security, all customers receive the group’s security products and solutions from a single supplier. This is true for both existing customers and new ones. “Sell what you use” is our strongest argument when talking to customers. We sell the same thing that Telekom uses to protect its own infrastructure. We sell reputation and expertise.
As Sales, we pay attention to feedback from our customers and provide he impetus, together with internal security and the engineering and operating departments, needed to implement customer requests. As a specialist distributor, we strengthen our international business in conjunction with the accounts in European countries. Overarching consulting, support and information from the assigned local security units in the country organisations are our daily business.
Digital planning wall

Without a clear strategy, there can be no sustainable business in Europe. 

Based on the group strategy, Telekom Security is driving forward the security product and service business in Europe. Deutsche Telekom, unlike any other company, is predestined to accompany its customers on the road to secure digitisation. To us, acting successfully means being able to secure the business of our customers in commerce and the public sector with a clear security strategy. Telekom Security has a comprehensive portfolio and it is able to offer it beyond Germany’s borders, too. Telekom Security also focuses on cooperating with start-ups and leading technology partners. This ecosystem will continue to be expanded to allow state-of-the art responses to be given to current threat situations.
The strategy department of Telekom Security pays very close attention to ensuring that strategy and business do not get out of sync. It works hand in hand with all operative departments and local units to expand on our leading position within Europe.
Diagram of critical infrastructure

Ensuring that Deutsche Telekom remains critical infrastructure

The group’s internal security guarantees the highest possible data security. Over 20 years of experience within all areas of security – and particularly cyber defence – are an invaluable advantage when it comes to resisting attacks. This knowledge is now being made available to customers of the group by Telekom Security via the Telekom CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) and the Cyber Defense Center.
We ensure that there is a high level of security within the group and for Telekom’s products. Our holistic view of the threat situation – across all fields of technology and segments – allows early analysis, defence and protection against hazards, as well as allowing us to fight specific cyber attacks. We define and monitor all appropriate security measures in the business areas, which allows us to implement a consistently high level of security. We extend this level of security to our external customers and, together with them, develop customer-specific solutions.
Technical development and operation of security applications

Technical development and operation of security applications

Simply do it, and make it simple! Products and services for everyone: Making. Security. Easy. – with suitable security applications and services – is our motivation.
We develop, test, configure and monitor all products and solutions in the Magenta Security Portfolio. To this end, within the Telecom group we use established procedures that the our partners’ products also need to undergo. This enables us to guarantee the highest standards with regard to data protection. Confidential development projects and operational issues for critical infrastructures with tough security requirements come as standard. We set digital future trends and, very early on, develop prototypes for tomorrow’s solutions. In doing so, we involve our customers and partners so that we can test and evaluate the solutions with them.
Expert Security Engineering Operations
“As a Security Engineering Operations employee, I’m mainly involved with planning, developing, monitoring and maintaining our customers’ IT infrastructure – whether they be medium-sized companies or large enterprises. Telekom Security gives me and my colleagues strength. Employee satisfaction is a key concern for me, not least because of my role in the Telekom Security Scouts team. Satisfied employees provide the necessary motivation and if the motivation is right then the result for our customers is right too. And this is the main thing.”
Elke – Senior Solution Sales Manager
Senior Solution Sales Manager
“As Solution Sales Manager Security, I am always in close proximity to security issues and to customers. Openness to innovation and a readiness to engage in further training are important because change and innovation take place almost every day in the security sector – and that’s what makes it so exciting.”
Security Service Manager for Cyber Security & SOC Services
“As Security Service Manager, my job is to deliver security services to meet the requirements of our customers and to act as a permanent contact person. In the process, I come into contact with a very wide range of colleagues and customers. The friendly working relationship, the start-up approach and our aim of providing the best possible security solutions for our customers inspire me every day. Telekom Security offers me all of this.”
Head of Engineering & Operations Standard
“In my role as Head of Engineering & Operations Standard, my aim was always to impress our customers with satisfied employees. Together with Telekom Security, there’s the security aspect too: developing simple, easy-to-understand and above all effective security services for everyone and thus making the world a little bit more secure. It’s a real challenge but one that is worth fighting for!”

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