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Esra Yildiz

An international internship

Esra Yildiz, born in Turkey, is an intern at T-Systems in Frankfurt.
Sven Kollmenter, Experte HR-Marketing
Sven Kollmenter

Expert HR-Marketing

Esra Yildiz
Part of a seven-strong team, she is responsible for optimizing use of the Telekom Social Network (TSN) at the Group. We take a look at a typical working day for Esra.
I was 11 years old when I got my first computer, and always wanted to know how it worked. In Turkey, a lot of women study computer science, so it's not as unusual as in Germany - pretty much half of the IT students at the Izmir Institute of Technology where I study are female. Women have an important role to play in IT, as they often approach projects and problems from a different perspective. Gaining practical experience is incredibly important as it helps you to stay abreast of all the latest IT trends and keep up with the times. That's why I wanted to work for a company that is always on the cutting edge, like Deutsche Telekom. My typical working day? These pictures will give you a good idea:
Germany was my absolute first choice as I had already spent a semester at university in Paderborn as part of an Erasmus program. And not forgetting the opportunity to work for a global technology group. The internship is great and my team is like a family to me. I also get to see first hand how IT is used in a business environment. In parallel, I am improving my presentation skills and learning about the nuances of using German in a business context.
I plan to do my master's after finishing the internship, but that doesn't mean I don't feel happy working with my international colleagues or appreciate the wide variety of career opportunities at Deutsche Telekom! A master's degree will teach me even more about how IT and business work together. After that, I am sure that I will be back in touch with Deutsche Telekom.

Esra's typical working day

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