Siphiwe Mhlophe

From intern to employee

Interns at the Deutsche Telekom Group receive valuable training and practical experience while becoming familiar with a workplace that may some day be the center of their career.
Portrait of Bianca Lorenzen, Teamlead Recruiting
Bianca Lorenzen

Teamlead Recruiting

Siphiwe Mhlophe
"It looked like a flexible place where you could learn so much."
I started working at T-Systems South Africa as an intern in Johannesburg and then transitioned into a full-time job. The first time I walked into the building I was very impressed – the office is very open with white walls and lots of windows. I thought it looked like a very flexible place. Then the T-Systems Managing Director gave the welcoming speech. Right away, I figured it would be a place where you could approach anyone to discuss almost any topic. I was right.
That atmosphere extends beyond the office. Once a month, employees from our organization go to a nearby gym and play action cricket, which is just basically indoor cricket. Even our managers play. It makes us feel like a real team and creates a relaxed setting for communicating with each other. But it's also important to have a life outside Telekom. I enjoy all kinds of sports and also volunteer with an NGO called Sisonke, which means "We are together". We clean up neighborhoods, support local youth and are about to launch a radio station.
My primary interest has always been in human resources, not IT, but I studied at the local CIDA ICT academy. Since it's sponsored by T-Systems, I was intrigued by their internship program. During the program, the responsibilities and atmosphere are very professional. Interns also learn a lot of life skills, such as time management, business language and even self awareness. I like using those skills to help our employees to offer the best possible service to our customers. They're also skills I can use anywhere.
My key responsibility is to recruit people like myself into the internship program. In addition to the life skills, my time here has also allowed me to travel for the first time. As an intern, I went to Cape Town, and I also recently traveled to Germany for the Next Generation Telekom 2011 event. It seems like I just keep learning and growing!
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