A virtual representation of a brain hovers above a robot arm.

Artificial intelligence from the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud provides you with scalable, secure, and privacy-compliant computing capacity for your AI project

How AI projects succeed

Would you like to try out initial prototypes and applications with artificial intelligence (AI), but are lacking the necessary capacities and competences in your company? But you also shy away from high investment costs? Thanks to cost-effective public cloud capacities, artificial intelligence has become affordable for every company. Use resources from the Open Telekom Cloud easily, flexibly, and quickly and start your AI project!

Useful basic knowledge

What is AI, what isn't? Our whitepaper imparts useful knowledge and provides guidance in the AI jungle.

Cloud capacities for powerful AI operation

Whether digital speech assistants, precise predictions of customer behavior in marketing, or the predictive maintenance of machines in Industry 4.0 – the applications for artificial intelligence are manifold. Intelligent algorithms evaluate extremely large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources, for example through machine learning or neural networks. They also recognize patterns and connections that people tend to overlook. They produce accurate forecasts, are capable of learning, and develop independently. However, this only works with a powerful infrastructure, e.g. for training algorithms with large amounts of data. This is where companies benefit from a clever combination of on-premises capacities and demand-based IT resources from the public cloud. And at processor level, from the needs-based use of CPU, GPU, FPGA, and the like.

How to make a success of your AI project

The potential of artificial intelligence for companies is enormous. Our whitepaper presents specific application scenarios.


Our AI experts determine the potential your company has to benefit from artificial intelligence. We work with you to implement individual AI projects – from concept to installation and operation in the Open Telekom Cloud.