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Up to EUR 15,000 credit for the Open Telekom Cloud

Save money in the crisis with the Open Telekom Cloud: with up to EUR 15,000 credit for flexibly usable IT resources

Use cloud computing free of cost and without risk

What do you do when supply chains come to a halt overnight, orders fail to materialize, and production comes to a standstill? They say that in times of crisis, one should invest in infrastructure. But what if the money is suddenly missing? In order to support companies that have been shaken by the Corona crisis, T-Systems is now offering new customers up to EUR 15,000 worth of credit for the use of IT infrastructure, such as computing and storage resources, from the Open Telekom Cloud – up to EUR 5,000 per month for three months. 

The Open Telekom Cloud: secure, open, and reliable

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In addition to the credit for the use of IT infrastructure, companies receive up to four hours of consultation on cloud migration, cloud assessment, and technical support free of charge. Companies can now apply for support. This saves companies from having to purchase servers in their own data center and allows them to implement IT projects, for example, even if they are unable to set up their own hardware due to delivery bottlenecks, contact bans, or lockdowns. For example, they can develop applications or operate collaboration platforms in the cloud if their own capacities are no longer sufficient. No one has to be personally present at the company, an internet connection is sufficient: with the Open Telekom Cloud, companies can also set up servers spontaneously from their home office, develop or test software, and scale services as needed at any time.

From HPC to SAP

Even applications that require highperformance computing resources are no problem. Special virtual machines (VM) designed for high performance computing (HPC) make this possible. They offer a remarkably high number of powerful virtual processors (vCPUs), plenty of RAM, and, if required, Nvidia graphics cards with graphics processing units (GPUs) – ideal for artificial intelligence (AI) processes, among other things. Furthermore, companies can also operate complex software such as SAP in the Open Telekom Cloud. Specially certified virtual machines are available for this purpose. SAP certification guarantees that companies running SAP instances on the certified virtual machines can receive support from SAP when needed.

Open Telekom Cloud: more than pure computing power

  • High performance computing: for simulations and modeling requiring substantial computing power
  • SAP in the public cloud: SAP certified virtual machines for S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, HANA Database, Business Suite, and other SAP solutions
  • Flexibly scalable memory in various performance classes 

Maximum data protection, highest IT security

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The greatest strengths of the Open Telekom Cloud include IT security and data protection. This is confirmed by numerous certificates. Almost no other cloud solution is as secure. The data centers are located exclusively on German soil in Saxony-Anhalt (in Biere and Magdeburg).

All data processed therein are subject to the strict German data protection regulations and GDPR. In addition, the Open Telekom Cloud complies with the provisions of the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP). This certifies that Open Telekom Cloud is currently one of the few cloud offerings on the market to have a legally compliant data protection certification for defined cloud services. And with at least 99.95 percent guaranteed availability, companies can also be sure of stable operation at all times.

In addition, the Open Telekom Cloud has been certified according to TISAX 3 (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), a mutually recognized testing standard for information security.  A large number of car manufacturers and suppliers to the German automotive industry require that their business partners have an existing TISAX certification. This is because the certificate demonstrates particularly high standards in terms of IT security, among other things.

No subscription trap: goodbye to high costs

After using the free credit, companies are not obliged to continue using the Open Telekom Cloud. Those who subsequently continue to use server, storage, network, and other services of the virtual IT architecture only pay as needed in a pay-as-you-go model. This is how companies transform fixed costs (capex) into variable costs (opex).

Open Telekom Cloud: the advantages at a glance

  • Up to EUR 15,000 of credit for IT resources over a period of 3 months, after that payment only on demand
  • Up to 4 hours of free consultation on cloud migration, cloud assessment, or technical support
  • Favorable price-performance ratio
  • Flexible and automated scalable IT environment
  • User-friendly
  • Maximum security and data protection compliant
  • Data centers in Germany
  • Open infrastructure, no vendor lock-in
  • Fail-safe thanks to up to 99.95 percent availability
  • Personal support
  • Also available as hybrid cloud solution

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