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Digitalize your organization

Accelerate an organization’s digital transformation in 50 days. It’s possible – with our digital offers for your company.

The fast lane to a digital organization: Our offers for you

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Cloud migration made simple!

Here you will learn how to uncover shadow IT through tool-supported analysis, how to find your way through the cloud provider jungle and how to determine the right cloud migration path through individual consulting.
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No initial costs: Test private cloud for 4 weeks

Up to 100 virtual machines and 15 days of technical support – test the Future Cloud Infrastructure for 0 Euro now!
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Jump start for AWS cloud with starter credit

With the T-Systems AWS starter package, you can now use Managed Cloud Services for AWS and get up to €6,000 credit.
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Cyber security for today’s home office

Quickly create an unlimited number of mobile workplaces and optimize your cloud architecture.
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Accelerate your data analyses by a factor of 40

This allows you to efficiently manage and profitably use large and globally distributed data volumes.
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SAP resilience packages

Implement the digital core that will allow your business to get back on track and stay competitive with low-cost transformation offers.
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Two-hour Oracle license analysis consulting for 0€

Use Oracle licenses more efficiently and reduce costs by up to 40% with our "Private Cloud Appliance" service.
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Transformation as a Service

Reduce organizational set-up costs for knowledge or personnel development.
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B2B Shop Now enables a quick start into e-commerce

A professional new B2B sales channel to be used conveniently for taking orders – set up in as fast as 14 days.
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E2E cloud security with Secure Cloud Communication Services

Directly access the cloud from anywhere with any end device without a VPN and without a diversion via the company network.

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In the video: Paper yet digital

More transparency in IT services – that was Manfred Ofner’s goal. The CIO of paper and packaging manufacturer Prinzhorn describes his experiences with cloud solutions, SD-WAN, and a Security Operation Center.

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