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9th Aviation Forum – review

November 5 & 6, 2019 in Munich

Let’s make digitization fly!

T-Systems shows visitors innovative ICT solutions for the next evolutionary step of the aviation ecosystem and the four building blocks of success.

What role does ICT play in aviation and the aerospace industry?

View of aircraft wings during flight before twilight sky with 5G symbols

November 5 & 6 were key dates in the calendar for aircraft manufacturers, suppliers as well as airlines. At the Conference Center in Munich, the Aviation Forum  hosted a focused show of opportunities and perspectives for the strategic development of the aerospace value chain. T-Systems presented its ICT offerings under the motto "Let's make digitization fly!" and the new four core fields Connectivity, Cloud & Infrastructure, Digital Services and Security.

In an exciting use case, the participants were able to experience application scenarios for artificial intelligence with object recognition by Florian Pinsker and Jörg Heizmann. In the Security Operation Centers, supervised by Jens Osterkrüger, a fake hacker attack from different perspectives could be considered. Connected to the topic of connectivity, the 5G campus network became available on the stand and in an exciting workshop with the expert Torsten Chudobba the participants got to know the possibilities of digitization of the supply chain.

Aviation Team

The highlight of the trade fair appearance was seen by the participants in the dinner speech by Francois Fleutiaux, Chief Commercial Officer T-Systems, with the title: “Dream, digitize and buckle up!”
Francois talked about dreams, new trends in the aerospace industry and the future of digitization, giving new impulses to the approximately 400 listeners.

We thank you for an innovative conference and interesting contacts between you and our team.

Missed? Save the next date!

Remember the jubilee date of the 10th Aviation Forum 2020 on 17.-18. November at the Congress Center Hamburg, Germany.

Artificial intelligence in aviation

Drone floats in weak daylight in front of large satellite dishes.

Artificial intelligence can relieve people of routine tasks in almost any environment and contribute to more efficient processes. One example is image recognition, which offers a wealth of application scenarios: from inventory, to finding lost assets, to automatic detection of hazardous situations. The topic can be experienced live with our AI drone.

5G for campus networks

High bandwidth, low latencies, and improved availability make 5G an important tool for large and/or remote industrial sites. 5G enables the real-time control of mobile robots or the use of virtual reality as well as the wide use of sensors and actuators in the internet of things. Over the next few years, 5G will become one of the most competitive technologies for increasing efficiency and innovation. 

Aeronautics security

While security has always been an integral part of the aviation industry, the age of digitalization is shifting the focus of security: IT is becoming part of everything and so is IT security. At the same time, however, digitalization also offers opportunities for a higher level of security, for example through intelligent things that automatically perform monitoring tasks. Telekom Security is a top provider of ICT security services. With the largest security operation center (SOC) in Europe, T-Systems offers an efficient protective shield for the aeronautics industry. Together with our partner Argus, we develop solutions for a holistic security concept and bring the idea of an Aviation SOC to life.

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