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Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum

With its “Premium Automotive DNA” T-Systems presents exhibits on cutting-edge automotive topics

July 18 – 21 I Hybrid Convention

Exchanging ideas for a new automotive era

Under the motto “NEXT136” the automotive IT and engineering community will exchange ideas on the latest trends and upheaval within the industry at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum. This exhibition from Mercedes-Benz begins virtually on July 18 and in-person at Landesmesse Stuttgart's International Congress Center (ICS) on July 20. T-Systems demonstrates its “Premium Automotive DNA” at its booth with exhibits on cutting-edge automotive topics.

Three key areas

The software-defined car, together with the development of in-car software and connected vehicle services make up the first focal topic, the progress made within Catena-X, the second. The significance of data is illustrated by our third bundle of topics: how can existing data be made available in a new cloud world, how can we collaborate based on sovereign data? One example shows how development data can be used in production via AR/VR. The T-Systems' expert talks focus on sustainability and present architecture concepts for the provision of in-car services.


Oliver Bahns Senior Vice President Connected Mobility T-Systems International GmbH
Portrait of Ingo Müller, Head of Tribe Innovation Management, T-Systems
Ingo Müller Head of Tribe Innovation Management T-Systems International GmbH

Software continuum – bridging the gap between vehicle, edge, and backend for future mobile services

Connected car services define the customer experience, the product, and the business model – and as such, they provide crucial strategic leverage to automotive manufacturers. Starting from traditional navigation and telematic services, the next generation of connected car services ranges from autonomous driving functions through to on-demand features or the seamless integration of data ecosystems. The talk from Oliver Bahns, Head of Connected Mobility at T-Systems covers architecture concepts, standardization potential, and design criteria for the global operation of connected car platforms. 

Presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum:
Wednesday, July 20th, 11 am

Cloud-based energy dashboard and scaling for practical sustainability measures

For automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, the EU Green Deal not only means pushing forward electrification and building vehicles that produce less carbon dioxide, it also comprises the sustainable optimization of development and production processes associated with vehicle manufacture. Recording energy consumption using a central energy dashboard is the basis for a sustainability strategy that entails optimizing energy usage and reducing the carbon footprint. The presentation by Ingo Müller, Head of Tribe Innovation Management at T-Systems, shows a modern approach to developing a cloud-based energy management system.

Presentation at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum:
Thursday, July 21st, 2:30 pm

Topics on show at the T-Systems booth

Digital Loop – improving functions in real-time with validated over-the-air (OTA) software updates

This showcase highlights how self-learning and secure automated driving can be enabled through the continuous correction of errors. It clearly demonstrates how the software and in-vehicle functions can be consistently safeguarded in the event of anomalous and/or erroneous behavior and updated via the over-the-air process in the shortest possible time.

HYPERCUBE – Building blocks for connected car services

Digital services define the user experience, product, and business model. As such, they offer strategic leverage to automotive manufacturers with consequences for the value chain (vehicle, edge, backend, partner ecosystems) and the service lifecycle. T-Systems' HYPERCUBE offers modular, standardized building blocks for the development and operation of connected car services, e.g., OTA updates, device management, digital twin, and vehicle operation center.

New perspectives on in-car software development and in-car security issues

Since the vehicle has become a moving computer with software-based functions, rollout not only requires penetration tests but also continuous security monitoring. The latter can be provided by a vehicle operation center that enables real-time insights into the fleet. We will also show our over-the-air update service approach, which communicates from the vehicle to the backend. Find out more at our booth about how pen tests, in-car services, and a vehicle operation center can be integrated with MB.OS.

Activating your digital data journey

On the path towards a data-driven enterprise, there is no avoiding the cloud, data lakes, and data mesh when it comes to harnessing the value of and adding value to existing data. T-Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio from consulting to implementation and operation at a vertical and horizontal tech level. On our digital data journey, we demonstrate these skills and competencies with showcases and customer references.

Data-driven prototyping with AR

Data-driven engineering processes rely on an integrated data collection and analysis process over the complete lifecycle of the vehicle. Here, mixed reality allows data from engineering to be used for production.  Superimposing CAD data (target data) over video data (actual data) ensures more efficient work processes, increases quality, and facilitates the documentation of work results.

Success through sustainability: solutions for reducing CO₂ emissions

As industrial enterprises and mobility service providers, automotive companies are doubly impacted by requirements to reduce their carbon footprint. How can energy consumption be recorded? Where is there potential to reduce your carbon footprint? How can energy be used more efficiently? What role does digitalization play? T-Systems offers a portfolio of solutions for issues relating to sustainability. Talk to us about solutions and approaches at our booth.

The future of engineering collaboration with integrated and semantically connected data

A semantic data layer in engineering – and beyond – generates higher efficiency and enables use cases such as: cross-system search, change-impact analysis, continuous and networked system verification and validation (V&V). At our booth, we will be demonstrating the V&V use case in addition to other collaborative engineering solutions, such as those enabled by integration with Siemens Geolus or Physna geometric similarity searches.

Catena-X – digitalization of the automotive value chain

Catena-X can also be used as the basis for a digital engineering supply chain. This requires a solid technological foundation. How should you set up data rooms? How can backends be integrated in a “sovereign” manner? Based on our contributions to the definition and implementation of Catena-X as one of the main players in the initiative, T-Systems can offer strategic consulting and practical support for onboarding and partner integration.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum

Would you like to find out more about our solutions? Visit our booth at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum 2022.

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