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Online “Cloud Assessment” seminar recording

Guide to cloud migration

Transparency over the IT and application landscape as a basis for successful cloud migration

According to current studies by Forrester Consulting, for the majority of companies, migration into the cloud is a “crucial” or “very significant” project in their annual strategic planning. However, almost three quarters (74%) of the companies discover only during the migration that they lack necessary in-house knowledge. 98% of the companies also show an interest in wanting to use multi-cloud infrastructures, but only 41% are already following a multi-cloud management strategy. Fewer still – just 38% – have processes and tools to operate a multi-cloud infrastructure.

This is precisely where the T-Systems cloud assessment comes in: It creates comprehensive transparency over their IT and application landscape and thus forms the significant basis for a clear migration path to a professional multi-cloud infrastructure, saving both time and money, and freeing up space to exploit new business areas.

In this online seminar, you will learn

  • how a Cloud Assessment will enable you to obtain a full inventory of your IT resources within a short space of time using our tried-and-tested, tool-supported approach
  • which project and operating costs it involves
  • which informed proposals the T-Systems experts derive from it to modernize your IT infrastructure
  • how you get to multi-cloud in four steps and use the cloud provider that is right for your company
  • how other companies have already benefited from the Cloud Assessment in practice

Watch the online seminar recording

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