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What would the Deutsche Telekom stand at the Mobile World Congress have looked like? If you want to get an idea and enter the world of excellent connectivity, you've come to the right place.

March 04 2020

“Limitless Intelligent Connectivity”

This was this year’s motto for the Mobile World Congress. “Limitless” sounds like a great humanistic hope – which is why it is very regrettable that this year's MWC in Barcelona was cancelled.

Everything revolves around an intelligent 5G network

What remains – besides the anticipation of next year – is a bouquet of current technology topics from Telekom. So above all network technologies and what can be achieved with them. After all, connectivity is now a key requirement in modern societies. Whether for gaming at home and on the move or for robotics solutions in campus networks of smart factories. Or for business applications that require flexibility and versatility as well as customer-specific data rates, capacities and other connection parameters. In short: Everything revolves around an intelligent 5G network “made by Deutsche Telekom”. And about the people who build on it.

We see ourselves as one of the driving forces behind digital change, putting innovative technologies at the service of people.

Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom

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IoT for a new level of efficiency

It’s beyond debate: the IoT has the potential to take industrial production to a completely new level of efficiency. Here, two essential aspects come into focus – connectivity and decentralized data processing. Thus, 5G and Edge Computing. Or in short: 5G Edge.

5G promises data transfer almost in real time. The technical term is latency. The lower the latency, the faster an IoT application can respond. But the large number of connected IoT devices generates enormous amounts of data. Instead of transferring them to a remote data center, edge computing allows the data to be processed directly at their point of origin. This minimizes latency and makes edge computing, in combination with 5G, critical to real-time applications in the IoT.  

Everything you want to implement today is technologically possible. So, you need to focus on the strategy, on what you want to achieve with your business model.

Rami Avidan, T-Systems, IoT- Chef

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